While it seems that the great urban spread is taking over our once green and luscious landscape, architects and builders have never before been so focused on keeping our municipalities ‘green’.

Sustainable living is no longer a buzzword, it’s a reality in our every day lives.

One exceptional example of this can be seen at Sydney’s own ‘One Central Park’, where architects and designers from Sydney, London, Paris and Copenhagen have collaborated to create an innovative and unique structure that not only looks inspirational, but offers it’s own on-site tri-generation plant, supplying electricity, heating and cooling.

With careful waste management planning, centralparksydney.com, claims to have recycled 93% of all demolition waste. Pretty impressive for a development that covers 5.8 hectares of space!

Developments such as this, achieving 5 Star Green Star ratings, give us hope that while our population is growing, and demands on infrastructure and natural resources increase, our prime agriculture land can remain untouched and the houses and buildings that we reside in, are built and demolished in the most environmentally friendly way as possible, leaving landfill a thing of the past and reclaiming energy from waste as a standard practice.

Keeping It Green

While Cheapest Load of Rubbish has been recycling for a number of years, many of our building clients are unaware of our true capabilities.

What sets us apart from other hand-loading rubbish removal services is our ability to sort every load of rubbish at our warehouse. By doing this, not only are we helping to reduce your carbon footprint, but we have the capacity to help builders achieve Green Star ratings (a rating system developed by the Green Building Council of Australia).

It Doesn’t Stop There

As well as building clients, we help other customers maintain their Green Star rating too. We service offices, schools, residential buildings, industrial sites, retail centres, healthcare organisations and more.

For further information about our services, call us on 9550 1181. We’re happy to discuss all your rubbish removal needs.