Innovations in the construction industry are enabling better design and building methods the world over.

Slowly, we are saying goodbye to natural resource depletion and instead increasing sustainable living practices through recycling and reusing construction materials.

Reading through an article published by Felicia Jackson on – Top Ten Construction Innovations, I was humbled to think that our society is forging ahead to ensure our carbon footprint is minimised.

Once such innovation includes ‘self-healing concrete’. “A mix containing bacteria within microcapsules, which will germinate when water enters a crack in the concrete to produce limestone plugging the crack before water and oxygen has a chance to corrode the steel reinforcement”. This breakthrough reduces the need for maintenance and will help to lower the carbon emissions created in the manufacture of cement.

There’s Mortar Life…

Bricks are one of the oldest known building blocks in the world and can be dated back to 7000BC!

Their composition may have changed over the millennia, but their form remains the same.

One could say that bricks can’t exist without concrete or cement. Not only is concrete a base for which a course of bricks is laid, but it’s mortar cement that binds one brick to another.

When a old building is demolished and a new one is built in its place, what happens to the discarded materials?

Reuse not Refuse!

Bricks and concrete can be reclaimed from the rubbish heap and reused or recycled back into the building and construction world.

Bricks can be used in:-

  • new walls, footpaths or garden bed edging

Or if crushed, recycled brick is useful in:-

  • drainage,
  • subbase construction
  • garden bed mulch

While concrete can be used in:-

  • pavement construction
  • concrete production
  • drainage
  • or as decorative aggregate.

We Support Reuse & Recycling

For years, Cheapest Load of Rubbish has been practicing reuse and recycling techniques for brick and concrete products.

Our building and construction clients make up our largest customer base, therefore we’ve refined our collection and sorting methods to ensure the highest possible recovery of brick and concrete, allowing our company to help reduce the carbon footprint for the construction industry.

Based in the Sydney suburb of St Peters, we have easy access to the CBD and inner-city suburbs. With construction levels in this area peaking, it’s no wonder we’ve been run off our feet!

But never fear, we have a large fleet of trucks ready to tackle your demolition job. Our trucks pull up kerbside, leaving limited site real estate uncluttered, and our rubbish removal team shifts your waste straight from location to the truck, allowing your labourers to get on with more important tasks.

We charge by the cubic metre, which means you only pay for the amount of waste we take away!

More importantly, we recycle as much waste as possible, which in turn helps to keep our fees low.

We’re happy to quote on each and every job which will help you keep your budgets in check.

If you’d like more information about how Cheapest Load of Rubbish can help you on your next demolition or construction job, call us for a chat on 9550 1181. Our friendly team is always ready to take your call.