Common Items Illegally Dumped in Sydney

Illegal dumping is a common and problematic practice throughout many Sydney neighbourhoods. It isn’t just an eyesore for residents; it also leaves someone else with the responsibility of properly disposing of the illegally dumped items. 

What Is Illegal Dumping 

Illegal dumping is when someone disposes of waste in water or land without the correct permission. It’s larger than litter and covers a wide range of items. For example, if there is no council collection for unwanted household items in the area and it’s dumped on a footpath, that’s illegal dumping. Dropping green waste or rubbish at the side of the road or in the bush is illegal dumping. A business that is paid to dispose of commercial waste properly but dumps it without prior approval is illegal dumping. Dumping asbestos waste is also illegal dumping. 

Common Illegally Dumped Items 

Any large item someone dumps without permission is classed as illegal dumping, whether it’s a car park, roadside, an illegal landfill or on private land. There are a variety of reasons why people choose to dump illegally – so they don’t have to wait for the proper collection or so they don’t need to pay a disposal fee. Certain items are dumped illegally more often than others. 

  • Tyres

There are countless landfill sites across Sydney for buying and recycling used tyres. Old tyres are useless to you, but they can be recycled to manufacture playground materials, asphalt, and footwear. Unfortunately, they are one of the most common items illegally dumped. 

  • Household Paints

There is a correct site to take unused household paints – they can be taken to a recycling centre or donated. Lead paint is hazardous, so it requires special disposal as a standard recycling centre will not use it, which is why it’s often dumped illegally. 

  • Mattresses

Mattresses are the most commonly dumped item. As a result, mattress recycling facilities have been opened across Sydney. These centres give new life to old mattresses by recycling them into carpet underlay and animal bedding. 

  • Garden Waste

As harmless as garden waste might seem, it can increase the risk of bushfires and destroy neighbouring animal habitats. It’s often dumped in public areas and in addition to the weeds it can cause, it may introduce disease as well. 

  • Construction Waste

Tiles, plastic, metals, and bricks are often left abandoned on job sites after jobs are complete. These are items that can be used on other job sites rather than illegally dumped. 

  • White Goods

A lot of people find it easier to dump white goods and old appliances rather than booking a free pickup from their local council.


Why Illegal Dumping Is Bad 

Illegal dumping is a risk to human health; it can contaminate the soil, which can harm animals and plants, pollute waterways, fuel bushfires, damage culturally sensitive areas, and smother native vegetation. The New South Wales government has taken great steps to provide people with outlets all over the state to provide people with an appropriate centre to dispose of their old goods. Yet, illegal dumping is still costing the taxpayer millions of dollars in clean up fees every year. It degrades the neighbourhood, upsets locals, and damages land values. 

How to Fight Illegal Dumping 

If there is illegal dumping in your area, you can take steps to fight the problem. You can install a security camera that covers the area most commonly affected. If it doesn’t deter offenders, it can provide you with evidence of the dumping, which will allow the EPA to pursue the offenders. Though you shouldn’t have to spend money to protect your property, a secure fence can help prevent illegal dumping on your property. If your property isn’t directly impacted, you can educate your neighbours about illegal dumping. If everyone in the community rallies together, you may be able to come up with a plan to deter offenders. 

If someone is illegally dumping more than 20kg of rubbish on your property, you can sue them. Offenders who dump smaller amounts of rubbish can be fined $1,000, but those over 20kg can be sent to prison for five years and/or given a fine of up to $250,000. If you want to sue an offender, you need to collect evidence capturing the illegal dumping. You can produce video footage or photographs to support your case. 

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