Whether you are constructing commercial buildings or a home, you will have to consider site sanitation. True, cleanliness may be next to godliness, but that will hardly be the top reason you want to leave your site clean. For starters, many states have strict laws for construction waste where all waste must be transported to a lawful place. This means that you are likely to pay hundreds of dollars in legal fees and penalties if you are on the wrong side of the law.

Construction produces piles of rubbish from tiles, metals, glass and scrap wood to plastic and other materials like mud. A building site can soon become a huge mess. Understandably, housekeeping is on the back burner especially if you are looking to meet deadlines. However, the ball still rests with the contractor when it comes to keeping the site orderly. Besides the legal requirements, here are a few more reasons to organise your hard rubbish collection for your construction project:


Workers in a construction site face many dangers from working with power tools to working at considerable heights. A cluttered work environment can increase trip and slip hazards, and with multiple rubbish types on site cleaning will go a long way to ensuring worker safety.

Smooth traffic

There is a lot going on at a construction site. A pile of rubbish can interfere with the flow of work and decrease productivity by hindering access to tools and equipment. By removing the excess rubbish, workers will be able to move freely around the site and continue with the job at hand with no obstructions.

Boost worker productivity and morale

A clean site shows your workers that you are looking out for their health and safety. By increasing site visibility, tools will no longer get lost in the mayhem, while workers can move around comfortably. This in turn boosts moral and productive capacity.

Project an image of professionalism

If you are running a construction project, you probably do not want it to be your last. An orderly site shows that you are not just good at what you do, but you are also in control. Your client is better able to trust you and more likely to recommend you to other potential clients.

Caring for the environment

Regular housekeeping benefits the community within which you are building. You can set apart waste and dispose of it appropriately. While this does well for your reputation, it does better for the environment. Materials such as plastic that is not biodegradable, for example, are prevented from spreading or ending up in waterways.

The difficulties of getting a rubbish removal service

Getting a hard rubbish collection service can be tricky. First off, you want a company whose services you can afford and one that can cater to your needs. Some materials are highly sensitive and require specialist disposal. The service needs to be equipped to sort out such rubbish.

More to that, you need a service provider who can accommodate last minute bookings in times when your rubbish mounts faster than anticipated. It is often challenging to approximate when you will have enough rubbish that needs to be hauled and so a service that works at your convenience is paramount.

At Cheapest Load of Rubbish, you get an affordable service that has been tested for over 28 years and equipped for hard rubbish collection. Not only do we serve you at your convenience, but we also pride ourselves in offering environment-friendly rubbish disposal services. That said, are you looking for construction site rubbish removal? Contact us today!