Illegally dumped rubbish is not pretty. No one likes to look at it, not only is it an eyesore but it brings down the aesthetics of a neighbourhood and always seems to sit where it is for months on end. Each year thousands of household items get left on roadways, in bushlands and around unused properties.

Most of the time you will see old computers, mattresses, green waste and broken household appliances, however, the number one item illegally dumped is old furniture. Most of the time old furnishings get left behind because people don’t have enough time to discard their furniture properly or simply can’t be bothered.

Not only is dumped decor horrible to look at but it is terrible for the environment. When it rains, waste blocks drainage areas and leaks contaminants into our waterways and bush areas, killing vegetation and affecting the health of water ecosystems. Much of the time harmful chemicals are dumped along with furniture and are just left to slowly kill local vegetation and pollute our waterways.

>The old furniture on the side of the road issue

Many times rubbish won’t be collected until the local council is notified. This means that furniture could be sitting out on the side of the road for months at a time. All rubbish that is collected gets sent to landfill, anything that could have been saved and recycled is lost. Overall the practice of illegal furniture dumping is affecting the environment through poisoning bushland and waterways while adding to the landfill.

It pays to remove your old decor responsibility, and that’s where we can help. The team at the Cheapest Load of Rubbish are passionate about doing our part to help the environment. We hate nothing more than to see old furniture thrown to the side of the ride, and we live in these neighbourhoods too!

>Let us do the heavy furniture lifting

Let us pick up your old furnishings. If you know what you want to throw out, that’s as much work as you need to do. We will load all of your old rubbish onto our trucks for you, no need for you to do any heavy lifting. After we have all of your junk on our truck, we return to the Cheapest Load of Rubbish headquarters to hand sort through your old furniture pick up. We pass on all recyclable items to an accredited recycle waste station or to one of our various supported charities.

Your local council cleanup is an excellent way to get rid of any rubbish but many times you will find the council are limited in what they can collect. A lot of the time you may still find items left out the front of your house that you need to remove yourself. Cheapest Load of Rubbish can take any rubbish you need to be removed, not just house furnishings.

Better still, we can quote your old furniture pick up and collect your junk all at the same time! We don’t want to leave you with old furniture lying around your house or backyard that could wind up illegally dumped. Our service is top quality, you won’t even know that we have been, we leave your house clean and tidy after we have loaded all of your junk onto our truck.

>Clean out regularly & prosper

It pays to do a proper clean out twice a year to make sure you don’t have any old furniture lying around that you don’t need anymore. If you’re not using furnishings, you should ask yourself if you need it. Could someone else benefit from this piece? Either way, Cheapest Load of Rubbish can help you recycle any pieces of decor you no longer need.

>Tips to Avoid Illegal Dumping:

  • Always dispose of rubbish responsibly.
  • Check when your local council is having a clean up.
  • Call the Cheapest Load of Rubbish to take away any items you can not remove through the council.
  • Recycle old furniture wherever possible.
  • Carefully consider the adverse effects on the environment

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