Dos and Don’t Of Brick & Rubble Disposal

In the construction industry, brick is one of the most commonly used materials. Bricks are easy to work with, and they are cheap and durable. You have likely noticed brick buildings where you live, and you might have also noticed that disposing of brick can be a challenge. Many people don’t know the proper way to dispose of bricks and rubble, which is why it’s often dumped improperly. 

Ultimately, the amount of brick and rubble waste you have will determine how best to dispose of it, but there are plenty of different options, from outright disposal to a variety of recycling options. 

The Various Uses For Bricks 

Before we detail the numerous things you can do with old, broken or disused bricks, let’s discuss the various uses for bricks. You might just find the perfect solution for your builder’s waste. 

The most obvious use for bricks is building – whether it is building a house, building a mailbox or a garden bench. Just because they are old bricks doesn’t mean you can’t reuse them for a similar purpose. If you enjoy colourful garden furniture, paint your old bricks and make a DIY fence, steps, or bench. 

If you have a stack of bricks with core holes, they are ideal for garden planters. Those core holes are the perfect spot to plant your flowers. You can create a modern look with succulents. You can also use old bricks as a rustic garden market so you know exactly where you planted what. Old bricks can also be great for creating garden bed edging. 

Use old bricks to create a decorative pad for your garden walkway or, if you have enough of them, make an entire walkway to guide people through your plants. You can also use bricks to create a raised garden bed so you can enjoy green thumbing in limited space. 

If you love spending time in your garden, you might want to repurpose old bricks to make a fire pit. Or, a birdbath! You can also paint the bricks and create yard art if you have vast amounts of space. 

Core holes in bricks are also an excellent candle holder if you want an outdoor centrepiece. Or, if you are looking for an indoor piece, you can always paint the brick to blend with your overall aesthetic. Old bricks are great for seasonal decorations. 

What To Do With Old, Broken or Disused Bricks 

If you have old, broken, or disused bricks on your hand, various options are available. The first is – hiring a skip. Opt for the right size, and rope in some friends to give you a hand, fill the skip and simply call the skip company to remove it when it is full. You can ensure you get the right size of skip by measuring how much waste you have and looking for a skip that matches those measurements. Be sure to clarify with the company that the skip you have hired is appropriate for bricks and rubble. There are specialty skips for that. 

Remember, those bricks need to be dry because if the company charges by weight, wet items are going to cost more. You don’t want to overfill the skip, but you want to pack it smartly so it all fits in one trip. 

Alternatively, you can reuse bricks. Whether you repurpose them in the garden to create a garden path or create planting areas. You can also use them to build a fence or walkway. Some organisations accept brick donations so, if yours are in good condition, they may be able to make use of them. 

Of course, you can dispose of them yourself, but you will need to pay a disposal fee. And it means loading it all up into your personal vehicle, which may take several trips. Additionally, many sites will not accept these types of items because there is a risk of hazards such as asbestos or lead paint. 

That is why the easiest way to dispose of old bricks and rubble is by calling in professional Sydney rubbish removal experts. Even if you can find a use for some of the bricks, you will still need a professional to haul them away if you have a large amount of builder’s waste to dispose of. 

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