Every year, Australians send 64 million tonnes of waste to the landfill. Under half of that is recycled, but you don’t feel bad about your garden waste because it breaks down easily. Once it hits the landfill it will simply return to the ground given enough time. Right? You are technically correct. Garden waste does break down and return to the earth. However, it has a hard time doing so sitting in a landfill. 

When delivered to a landfill, garden waste is buried and compacted. To break down green waste requires oxygen. If starved of that, it will break down incredibly slowly. The result of this is a build-up of carbon dioxide and methane. Both of which are greenhouse gases that negatively impact the environment. 

What Is Green Waste?

Green waste is typically garden waste, but it refers to any type of rubbish or waste that is 100% recyclable. For now, Australia is lagging behind other developed countries in getting on board with recycling. If you went on a scavenger hunt throughout your garden and in your home, you would likely find heaps of green waste. The problem is that most of us don’t think about what can be recycled; we just want to get rid of it quickly and conveniently. 

If you do not have green waste taken by a rubbish removal company, it will go straight to the landfill. The landfill is the last place green waste should end up. Quite simply, it does not belong there, and it will serve us, and the environment, better if we dispose of it correctly. It might technically be considered waste, but it should not be wasted. 

Let’s put this into perspective. Of the 400 kilograms of waste each Australian household produces each year, 180 kilograms of it is green waste. When green waste isn’t recycled, it creates methane. Therefore, each Australian household is producing over 15 kilograms of methane gas, which is released into our atmosphere. Multiply that by the number of households in the country and we have a problem. 

Examples of Green Waste & How To Recycle It

There are two main types of green waste:

Garden waste includes clippings, leaves, small branches, and twigs. This does not include flower pots, plastic, rocks, paper, stones, or treated timber. 

Food waste is the food item itself, including fruit and vegetable peels, but not the packaging or labels. 

If you are unsure whether something is classed as green waste or not, you can speak to a waste management company for further information. 

If you love gardening, you might want to hold back some of your green waste for home composting purposes. Just start a compost pile and use it as mulch when it’s time. Mulch helps build soil structure and improves your garden’s ability to retain moisture, which also reduces the need to water. So, by composting some of your garden waste, you are saving your landfills and conserving water. One small habit change can have a massive impact! Now, multiply that by every Australian household. 

The proper way to dispose of the rest of your green waste is through recycling. The most efficient option is to have a rubbish removal company remove it. The professionals will take it to the proper processing site. Of course, you can load up your vehicle with your garden waste and haul it to a recycling centre. But, that’s a messy business, especially if you don’t drive a ute. There will be a fee at the centre, and you will have to unload the vehicle yourself. 

Once at the site, it’s pushed through grinders. Once the grinding process is complete, the site will cover it with a thermal material to store it at 55 degrees for several days. From there, it is produced in its final state and then sold to landscapers, nurseries, and councils. 

How Cheapest Load of Rubbish Can Help 

Recycling is something that every home in Australia can and should do. Luckily, it doesn’t need to be a fuss. With the right rubbish removal company, recycling green waste has never been easier. 

Cheapest Load of Rubbish can remove trimmings, branches, stumps, logs, fallen leaves, and landscaping rubbish. Since you’re already working hard to make your garden look great, we can also remove pool materials, decking material, old sheds, and garden furniture. We will take your green waste to the nearest EPA approved facility. 

Whether it’s green waste, hard waste, or an old mattress, rubbish removal Sydney companies are useful for tackling your waste problem. If you would like to enlist professional services to handle and dispose of your waste, contact Cheapest Load of Rubbish. One of our drivers could be with you as early as today. Once on-site, they will offer you a free quote based on the type and amount of waste you have. If you’re happy with the price, they can remove it on the spot!