Energy costs are rising so many people are choosing to use heaters. Heaters can save money, you can choose to add more warmth to rooms you use a lot and they can be more cost effective than replacing your central heating. While heaters are a great appliance for winter it is important to use them safely.

Why Heater Safety is Important

Before you use your heater, you should always check it is safe, especially if you haven’t used it for a few months. It is important to check your heater as these are a fire risk. A small percentage of house fires are caused by heaters. Injuries and fatalities can also be caused by these appliances. Here are some things you should do to make sure your heater is safe to use.

Clean the Heater – You should make sure you clean any dust off the heater. If you use a dusty heater it could make the dust spread around the room. You should also look for any damage or rust. If you notice any damage do not use.

Keep on a Flat Surface – Your heater should be kept level, do not put it on top of anything as it could fall over. Also keep the area around it free from any items that could knock the heater over. You should also keep pets and children away from heaters to avoid injury and the heater being damaged.

Don’t Overload – Do not use an extension lead with your heater. It can cause an electrical overload and could result in a fire.

Keep the Heater Away from Flammable Items – Do not leave your heater near curtains, furniture, other fabrics and papers. Never dry your clothes on a heater and never leave the heater unattended. All of these could cause a fire.

Check Wires – You should check that the wire and plug are in working order. If you notice anything broken do not use the heater. Faulty wires and plugs can be a fire hazard.

What You Should Do If Your Heater Stops Working

If your heater is faulty or stops working, the first thing you should do is unplug it. You should also move it away from any furniture or other items that could catch fire. You can then hire someone to fix the fault or you can replace your heater. If you need to replace your heater you can hire a service for heater disposal.

There are other signs your heater may be faulty to. If you experience yellow flames, weird smells or strange noises then this means you should not use the heater.

How Cheapest Load of Rubbish Can Help

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