The first washing machine was invented in 1851 and by 1916, the first electric washing machine hit the market. By the 1950s, they were a normal part of daily Australian life. And now it’s impossible to live without a washing machine – it has become part and parcel of modern life, alongside refrigerators, televisions, and smartphones. But, unlike smaller gadgets and appliances, disposing of washing machines is a bit more challenging. 

So, what are your options when it comes to disposing of an old washing machine? And are they recyclable? 

Washing Machine Disposal Options 

The first question to consider is whether your old washing machine is still functional or not. If you are simply upgrading because it’s time, you can speak to an op shop about collecting your washing machine. As long as it’s functional, most charities will collect it. However, the older they get, the less energy efficient they are, which means a new model is more economical. So, charities will likely have a limit on what they accept. 

Alternatively, you can list it online and make the collection a part of the deal. You will likely need to give it away unless it’s a relatively new item. If it is years old, there’s no point assigning it value. Just post it to your local pages as free for collection. 

If your old washing machine has given up the ghost and you need to buy a replacement, then you can pay a nominal fee to have the delivery team remove the old washing machine when they deliver the new one. The fee is worth it because it’s off your hands immediately and the company will handle the recycling. Even if a repair is possible, it gets more expensive to keep them going than it is to buy a new machine. 

The council will uplift old washing machines for recycling. You need to schedule the pickup; it often takes at least a week for your collection to roll around. The drawback of this is you need to move the old washing machine to the kerb for collection. That isn’t possible for everyone. Which is why the next option is also a challenge. You could transport it to your nearest recycling centre. Of course, only a few people have a vehicle capable of transporting a large item like a washing machine so, if you opt for this option, you will likely need to rent a ute or a van. 

Can You Recycle An Old Washing Machine? 

Many appliances are made up of components that can harm the environment when disposed of incorrectly. Old fridges are the guiltiest party in that respect. While washing machines don’t contain harmful components, dumping them is against the law and proper disposal is a must. The metal can pollute and this can be avoided by proper recycling. 

Rubbish removal companies like Cheapest Load of Rubbish aim to collect and recycle as much of old waste as possible. The aim is to prevent recyclable items from ending up in a landfill. The appliance is dismantled and stripped down to pieces when your old washing machine is recycled properly. The experts then sort the items into what can be reused and what can’t. Everything that can be recycled is sent to the appropriate destination, while the rest will be sent to the landfill. 

A rubbish removal company will visit your home, provide you with a quote for uplift, and remove it from its original resting place. You don’t need to move the heavy appliance to the kerb, and there is no need for you to load it up. The rubbish removal team will come into your home and load it up on your behalf. And once it’s in the van, they will take it directly to the recycling centre. 

How Cheapest Load of Rubbish Can Help 

Don’t let that old washing machine gather dust in the shed or take up premium space in your garage. You don’t need to rent a van to haul it away yourself, not when you can reach out to Cheapest Load of Rubbish and allow us to do it for you. Whether you need a washing machine removed or you need hefty rubbish removal in Sydney, we can help. We can clear out old white goods, dispose of builder’s waste, clear out commercial space, and even handle deceased estates. If you need Sydney rubbish removal, look no further than the Cheapest Load of Rubbish team. 

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