Yes, moving house is one of the most stressful things you will do in your life. A household pack up and clean out is a big task, even with a team of family and friends helping you get things done as quick as possible. But have you given thought to rubbish items you don’t want or need anymore?

Before you move house there are a few things you should consider.

1. Start Packing Early
The overwhelming task of packing all your belongings can be made easier with a little planning, especially by leaving enough time to sort what’s junk and what’s to make the move. You’ll probably find plenty of rubbish that you want to remove, so set aside a junk pile. That way it will be clear to you and your helpers what items don’t make the cut.

2. Enlist Help
A one man job is a mighty task. Enlist family and friends who can spare a day to help you out. You can work together to box up items you need or to help move heavy furniture or even look at bringing in some professional help. Having help will give you more time to remove rubbish that can be taken to the tip or recycled.

3. Contact Utility Providers
Before you move, make sure you contact your electricity, water, internet and energy providers. By doing this well in advance, you can have your account transferred to your new address saving yourself cancellation fees. If you must cancel, budgeting for your final bill will be made easier.

4. Don’t forget the fridge
One of the most essential household items is your fridge. It’s the last item to pack (you still need to eat, right?), and the first you’ll want to unpack. On moving day, make sure your fridge has been emptied and wiped out, especially if it’s going to storage. If your fridge is an older model the freezer may need defrosting, so allow enough time for this too. Don’t forget to tape handles so doors don’t swing open when being moved. Plastic wrap is great for this and won’t damage external surfaces. You should also double check that the fridge is the right size for the new place.

5. Book Rubbish Removal
There’s no doubt that when everything has been moved there will be a lot of rubbish left over, especially cardboard packing boxes and wrapping paper. If you don’t have a large vehicle it can be hard to find the time to dispose of your rubbish and recyclables properly. This is a great time to seek the help of a professional rubbish removalists. The team at Cheapest Load of Rubbish are extremely efficient at removing household and will remove your rubbish as quickly as possible with minimal fuss. They’ll even sweep up after themselves so you won’t even know we have been!

Let us take care of your rubbish so you can pack, move and settle into your new property as soon as possible. We will provide an obligation free on-site quote and remove your rubbish on the same day (where possible) so you don’t need to take your rubbish with you.

If you’re on the move and have rubbish that you need removed ASAP contact us on 02 9550 1181 today!