Preparing Your Air Con Unit For Summer

Air conditioning in an Aussie summer is like the first cup of morning coffee – essential to sustaining life as we know it. Without it, our lives would be chaotic, and the heat would melt us all. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, the air conditioning unit will be your best friend during the searing heat of an Aussie summer. 

There are many reasons to purchase an air conditioner if you don’t have one already! 

1.   It Keeps You Cool 

Keeping cool is one of the most obvious reasons to buy an air conditioner, and one of its primary purposes is to recycle air to keep cool air flowing into space. Recycling warm air to create cool air is like music to the ears in a hot, sticky climate. 

For the elderly or those with asthma and other bronchial illnesses, keeping rooms cool is critical in extreme heat. It’s also beneficial for those with diseases struggling to regulate their body temperature. Overheating can kill, and having an air conditioner will help keep those at-risk people safer. 

2.   Better Air Quality 

Alongside plants, air conditioning units are one of the top recyclers of stale air. They filter the air, leaving your home with better air quality. Air conditioning filters have improved dramatically in the last few decades and can filter more harmful airborne bacteria. Suppose you find that your air conditioning unit isn’t filtering air properly. You might need to change the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particular Air) filter to improve air circulation. Changing the HEPA filter every two weeks is also good practice to guarantee quality circulation. 

3.   Keep Electronic Devices Cool 

We’ve all picked up our phones on a hot summer day and nearly dropped them because it’s so hot to the touch. While your mobile phone does have internal cooling mechanisms, at extreme temperatures (mid-to-high thirties and above), your phone’s battery can overheat – which will cause the device to shut off unexpectedly until it cools down. If your phone’s battery is on the way out, that can also generate heat at lower temperatures. 

An air conditioning unit will help keep your electronic devices cooler, reducing the risk of damage to them! 

4.   Reduces Dehydration Risk 

One of the biggest causes of heat stroke is dehydration. Though you may think you drink plenty of water during the hotter months, you’re also sweating profusely, causing your body to dehydrate. An air conditioning unit recycles water droplets through the air, which can help reduce dehydration risk – and keeping you cool also helps reduce sweating. 

With summer coming, there’s never a better time to invest in an air conditioner. There are many options if you’re looking to replace your existing unit or invest in a new one. But before you start researching, get in touch with the Cheapest Load of Rubbish. We can help remove the old AC unit and its parts safely so that our recycling partners can recycle them. 

Three Main Types of Air Conditioning Units 

Portable AC Units 

These air conditioning units are small enough to take with you if you’re moving and are also most commonly found on wheels so that you can move them around the house to provide cool air to whichever rooms need it the most. 

These portable AC units need frequent dust-clearing maintenance for their filters and can be cumbersome to move continuously from room to room. 

Window AC Units 

Window-based AC units are very popular in smaller spaces like apartments, and they can be a pain to mount in the window safely and are sometimes banned in high-rise buildings due to their safety risk to those below. Like most other AC units, they require frequent cleaning and are inefficient. 

One of the chief tasks of Cheapest Load of Rubbish is helping homeowners who are moving to a new system get rid of these heavy hunks of metal. They’re not exactly light; Sydney rubbish removal specialists are called in to help dispose of them. 

Mini Split Units 

These air conditioning units are often the ‘cream of the crop’ of modern-day ventilation systems. Mini-splits are dual-purpose machines providing both heating and cooling capabilities. They are mounted on the wall inside your home and function through a remote that controls temperature, airflow and vent direction – you can also control them through smartphone apps. 

Mini-split units are very popular among homeowners, as they’re one of the most energy-efficient ways to keep cool during the summer months. Though they’re an expensive upfront investment, they pay for themselves in no time. Most homeowners are transitioning to mini-split technology from other forms of AC because of the energy efficiency savings. 

Cleaning Your AC 

One of the essential parts of preparing any AC unit (for summer)  is to ensure it’s cleaned thoroughly. If your AC system is more complicated than just a couple of filters (like duct-based, floor-mounted or central heating units), you’ll need to hire a company to come in and clean the ducts once a year (usually). 

All of this dust and accrued debris isn’t generally something you can toss to the curb. If you’re replacing your AC unit entirely, let Cheapest Load of Rubbish handle the disposal of the dust/debris bags. 

If your unit simply requires a quick vacuum out, it’s a good idea to do this periodically, perhaps once per fortnight or once per month, depending on how long the unit runs. 

If you’re looking to replace your AC unit, regardless of what type you have, our rubbish removal Sydney specialists will come to you and help you take out the unit from the window or deconstruct and remove your heat pump system – almost all of the heat pumps components can be recycled in some way – and that’s our speciality. 

For prompt, knowledgeable, friendly and fast-acting staff, our rubbish removal specialists will remove your old AC in no time. Call Cheapest Load of Rubbish today to start replacing that burnt-out AC with something new, so you can breathe easier and stay cool this summer.

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