Rental House Rubbish Removal – The Ultimate Check List

Moving is stressful enough, but it’s even more stressful when you are a renter. On top of a full house clearance, you have to consider the extra cleaning to make sure you get your bond back in full. What you need is a checklist to keep you on track. 


Don’t leave everything to the last minute or you will never get it all done on time. Make a list of every task you need to do and give yourself enough time to get it done. How long it all takes will depend on the size of the property, but your best bet is to give yourself at least half a day to tackle each room. If rooms are messier or larger, then dedicate a full day to the task. The best way to manage stress is to manage your time. 

To Keep or Not To Keep 

As you tackle each room, you will need to consider what is moving with you and what isn’t. You can either create piles for each or use colour coded stickers to organise. With children, allowing them to label what they must take and what can be donated, sold, or binned will help you clear out when you get to their rooms. 

You will have to be ruthless at this stage. Just think, the more you get rid of now, the less you will have to pack up and unpack at the other end. Once you’ve labelled everything, you can shift all of the charity items together, get the items ready for packing, and decide how best to bin the rest. 

Box The For Keeps 

There’s nothing too complicated about this stage, but you should have packing materials on hand to ensure everything is properly protected. In addition to boxes, you will want bubble wrap, labels, and new markers. For each box, write its intended destination. For example, dining room, master bedroom, etc. You can also write a brief description of the contents to make unpacking easier. And, once an entire room is packed, you should number the boxes 1 of, 2 of, etc. That way, you can easily keep track of what’s missing. 

It should go without saying that you have a basics box for your first evening, with all of the essential kitchen and bathroom items you will need for dinner, a brew, and a bath. 

Sell, Donate, or Rubbish Removal for the Rest 

You know what to pack, but what do you do with the rest of your stuff? It’s time to decide whether to sell it, donate it, or call in a rubbish removal company to haul it away. 


The internet is a wonderful thing, and it’s a great way to sell off unwanted items. It does require time and effort, which are in short supply when moving. Or, you could have a garage sale. 


Depending on the items you have to donate, the charity may be able to collect larger pieces. It’s important to remember these need to be in saleable condition; they aren’t a rubbish removal company. They can refuse to take things. Alternatively, you could make these drop-offs directly.

Rubbish Removal

Every company will operate differently, but your best bet to get the best price is to break your rubbish down as much as possible. Companies charge by volume so, this will help keep your costs as low as possible. You can either send a detailed list for a rough quote or have someone come out to give you a full quote. Your local council offers bulk pick-ups if you need old mattresses or appliances uplifted, but you need to check the dates to see if it’s worth waiting.

Finally, you might want to hire a professional cleaning service to carry out a final clean. It’s one last thing you can cross off your to-do list, and you can trust a professional service to get the job done right. A good bond cleaner will guarantee their work, so you don’t need to worry about getting ripped off twice. 

The Details 

Don’t forget to change your address, pay off outstanding bills, and disconnect utilities at the old property. Likewise, you will need to take steps to connect your utilities at the new property, including water, gas, electricity, and internet. Get the latter dealt with as soon as possible because you don’t want to be without it for weeks while you wait for connection. 

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