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Clearing out building and construction waste is a notoriously difficult challenge. The law requires this waste to be disposed of responsibly and ethically. Unfortunately, many companies lack the resources and time to comply with these regulations. Luckily, Cheapest Load of Rubbish offers professional rubbish removal services at competitive prices.

Construction Rubbish Cheapest Load of Rubbish Uplifts

Cheapest Load of Rubbish provides construction rubbish removal throughout the Sydney area; our friendly and reliable team can be on-site in no time. From a small home renovation project to a sprawling construction site, we can be with you within just hours of accepting your call. If you need help cleaning after construction work, whether it’s rubble or timber, we can help. When you need a crack team of junk removal specialists, contact Cheapest Load of Rubbish.

We handle construction waste removal of all types, including timber, concrete, bricks, mixed woods, glass, paint, metal, plasterboard, metal, tiles, rubble, tins, and more. If you need specific items removed, get in touch to discuss your waste.

Construction Site Rubbish We Take

We can assist with all types of construction site waste removal, including:

  • insulation
  • concrete, bricks, tiles, and ceramics
  • wood, glass, and plastic
  • metallic waste
  • drywall
  • cement
  • paints, varnishes
  • adhesives & sealants
  • And much more.

Anything you need that’s not here? Just ask!

Why Choose Cheapest Load Of Rubbish

At Cheapest Load of Rubbish, our clients are our first priority. We are happy to accommodate your routine to avoid disrupting your operation. We don’t aim to meet your needs, we always aim to exceed your expectations.

A construction site can be a hazardous place, so businesses need to hire a rubbish removal team that knows how to work as responsibly as they do efficiently. That’s why our team members are fully trained in every aspect of waste management. As a business with decades of experience, we want every client to feel as though they’re in the right hands.

We are a locally owned business with over 30 years of experience in the area. We offer a range of services from industrial rubbish removal, office uplifts, and residential rubbish removal in Sydney. We are fully insured, have a highly trained team, and can assist with projects of all sizes. We don’t deal with unexpected charges or hidden costs. A member of our team will visit your premises, assess your load of rubbish, and provide you with an on-the-spot quote.

Cheapest Load of Rubbish’s Approach To Rubbish Removal

Our approach to construction, commercial, and residential rubbish removal is to recycle a minimum of up to 80% of what we collect, which limits our landfill dumping to around of 20% of what we uplift.

We know how important the environment is and no matter what we collect, we are committed to recycling as much as possible. By following the 80/20 rule, we limit what goes to landfills, which helps reduce pollution. Ultimately, our approach to rubbish removal is to do so in the most environmentally friendly way possible.
We also work quickly and efficiently to limit the disruption to your operation. If you need rubbish lifted before or after your construction team leaves, we can accommodate you. We aim to be as flexible as possible with our clients because we know the challenges you face.

We Recycle

We value recycling and aim to recycle up to 80% of the waste we collect from our customers.

The environment is at the forefront of every decision we make. We recycle every item, whether it’s glass, metal, or yard debris. There are several goods that end up in landfills unnecessarily, and we ensure that this does not occur. Large white items can be recycled rather than discarded. Yard debris can be used to make compost. Furniture can be repurposed or disassembled for recycling. If it is recyclable, we will ensure that it is recycled.


It’s affordable
With our cubic metre rate for rubbish collection, you only pay for the amount of trash we collect, saving you money. We will also gladly offer you a no-obligation, no-cost estimate.

Zero waste
If your trash is recyclable, we will transport it to a recycling facility. If it can be repurposed or rehomed, we will donate it to a charitable organisation. Only waste with no other use will be placed in landfills.

Professional service
We provide same-day service to some areas of Sydney. If we are unable to do so, we’ll organise a time and day that is convenient for you. Our team will give you with the best possible level of service.

Builders we understand that you want a no fuss approach when it comes to your construction rubbish removal, so that’s what we provide. Two men arrive on site, your rubbish is loaded onto our truck, and just like that your junk is gone!

With major developments popping up all over Sydney, and renovations hitting new highs, our service has never been more vital. Our large fleet of trucks sees fluid turn around times, with multiple loads from building sites an every day occurrence.

Environmentally friendly recycling methods where construction and building waste is salvaged and re-used are at the forefront of our industry, and we pride ourselves on our recycling effort.
Building materials are separated and taken to recycling centres where they are further sorted. Items such as wood can be recovered and reused, while rubble, brick and concrete can be crushed and reused in other construction projects.

We understand that building sites are busy places that need to be kept tidy and free of unnecessary debris, so if needed, we can make available to you 240 or 660 litre bins to collect your rubbish, and daily, weekly or fortnightly pick-ups can be arranged.

For the last 30 years Cheapest Load of Rubbish have been operating throughout Sydney on all types of rubbish jobs. Our insight to the construction industry has given us the tools to handle and dispose all construction waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Cheapest Load of Rubbish offers free onsite quotes for every job, allowing you to stay on budget and streamline the rubbish removal process. If you’re happy with the quote, our team will remove the rubbish on the spot or arrange a time that suits you.

Compare our service with a skip bin – there’s nothing to weigh up really.

With a skip bin there’s prearranged drop off and pick up times, specific site access criteria, council fees, a designated amount of skip space, and a list of waste that’s not accepted.

With our service, difficult site access is never a problem because we walk the rubbish to our trucks. We accept most types of waste, and our team are always happy to discuss all options available to you. We like to get the job done right first time, every time.

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If you are happy with our quote we can take away your rubbish on the spot, or, another time that suits you.

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We calculate your rubbish based on the amount we take away using our cubic metre rate. Labour and tipping costs are included within the quote saving you time and money.

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We have one of the largest fleets of trucks in Sydney at our disposal. We can undertake one off collections or support you through the whole building project. Choose us as you rubbish removal partner.

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Most of the time it isn’t practical to have a permanent skip bin on-site. That’s why using our system is preferable for many building contractors.

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We charge by the cubic metre which means our teams will work quickly to clear your site every time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction waste encompasses any excess or unwanted material that is produced in the construction process. Whether it’s construction waste from renovations, demolition or construction work, it is all construction waste. It includes anything from timber to rubble and plasterboard to bricks. If you want to learn more about what construction waste Cheapest Load of Rubbish uplifts, get in touch with a member of our team to discuss.
It’s important to remember that you can’t enlist just anyone to remove your rubbish. It’s important to enlist the services of a professional company with experience in the business and known for their environmentally responsible practices. We have high standards and over 30 years of experience. We are all fully insured to serve you in construction waste removal.

If we can load it, we are happy to take it. And if it’s too big or heavy to load, we’ll break it down until we can load it up. If you have oversized items and you’re unsure whether they are suitable for uplift, simply get in touch with Cheapest Load of Rubbish to discuss your load. We aim to remove everything.
We know how busy construction sites can be so we are more than happy to make regular collections, whether you need a daily service, a weekly collection, or even a fortnightly pick-up. Cheapest Load of Rubbish can help!

The cost varies from project to project. As we provide on-the-spot quotes when viewing your load, we cannot provide a sliding scale of costs. If you want to learn more about how much it costs for rubbish removal in Sydney, get in touch with Cheapest Load of Rubbish. Once you call, email or submit the webform, we can arrange for a member of our team to visit your premises and provide you with a quote.
We price your load based on the type and volume of rubbish, and sometimes on other factors like difficult site access or if you need more than 2 men to complete the work. Our team works in pairs, so if your load requires more than 2 labourers, your free quote will include these details too.
Depending on the size of your load, it may be possible for our driver to take away your rubbish load then. However, we can also schedule a more suitable removal date.

No – our team will load all of your construction rubbish. It is a major part of the service we provide to our clients. While you can separate your waste before uplift, our team will also take care of that upon collection. So, don’t feel the need to stress about sorting or hauling waste. Our experienced team can do it in no time because we always want to ensure every item ends up in the right place.

We cover Inner Sydney areas including Darlinghurst, Surry Hills, Sydney CBD, Redfern, The Rocks, and beyond. We are also proud to serve the Eastern Suburbs neighbourhoods of Clovelly, Darling Point, Rose Bay, Bondi Beach, Point Piper, and beyond. If you live in the Inner West region, we serve Eveleigh, Balmain, Chiswick, Drummoyne, Rozelle, and further afield. We also serve throughout South Sydney, Sutherland Shire, Eastern Suburbs, Western Sydney, and North Shore. If you live in the Sydney area, we service you.
If you need rubbish removal services, contact Cheapest Load of Rubbish for your free no-obligation quote today. A member of our team can be with you as early as today (where possible)!

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest problem with littering is that all rubbish ends up in the waterways. If you litter on the road, your rubbish ends up in drains, washed away when it rains into the local waterways, through the rivers and to the ocean.

If you litter in the bush and it rains, eventually that litter will also be washed away, into the nearest waterway and potentially to the rivers or ocean. When that rubbish reaches the rivers and oceans, birds and fish are likely to see it, think its food or try to eat food that’s near the litter. They then end up with your rubbish in their stomach, unable to break down as they don’t have the acid to do so; or they could choke or get entangled in it.

That’s not the only problem, though. Other animals can pick up bacteria on the rubbish, making them carriers for particular diseases that can make people ill; rubbish can also smother plant life, and chemicals can seep into groundwater affecting water quality for people and the environment. Garbage removal isn’t difficult; simply use your rubbish bin for council collection rather than throwing your rubbish on the ground; or call us at the Cheapest Load of Rubbish removal Sydney for larger waste items.

This will all depend on the type of rubbish and the volume of rubbish you have to be collected. Our driver will provide a no obligation, free onsite quote once they’ve viewed your rubbish. This is based on a per cubic metre rate.

If there’s availability, then yes we’ll send a truck out to you on the same day.  Alternatively we will schedule another day and time that’s convenient for you.

All rubbish collected is sorted at our warehouse so that we can recycle as much of your rubbish as possible.

Whether your rubbish is inside your house or already piled up outside, Cheapest Load of Rubbish provides 2 men per truck to load your rubbish onto our trucks and take it away.

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We believe in providing a quality rubbish removal service at an affordable price. We are Cheapest Load Of Rubbish.

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Our fully insured operation has been in the rubbish business for 30+ years. Making us the credible choice for waste removal.

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Our large fleet of trucks and same day rubbish removal service provides Sydney with a fast and efficient way of removing rubbish.

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We take a sustainable approach to rubbish removal in order to better our future generations.

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