Rubbish Removal Tips If You Missed Your Council Bin Day

Sydney council expects residents to have their bins on the curbside the evening before bin collection day. There is no set time for collections, they can appear at any time between 6 am and 6 pm, so ensuring your bins are out is important. There is nothing worse than waking up to bin trucks and realising you forgot to take yours out. 

It doesn’t matter how often the council uplifts the bins, you can’t wait another week or two before they come back around. So, what do you do if you missed your council bin day? 

How Cheapest Load of Rubbish Can Help 

There are three different types of bins Sydneysiders rely on, whether you live in a home or in a large apartment building. 

  1. There are red-lidded bins are for general household waste. Unless you live in a large apartment building, this bin is only uplifted once a week. 
  2. There are yellow-lidded bins that contain your recycling and this is collected once a week or fortnightly depending on your local council. 
  3. There are green-lidded bins, which are for garden waste and organics and these are uplifted fortnightly alongside the other bins. 

There is a fourth bin that some Sydneysiders have – the purple-lidded bin is for food waste and is a trial scheme. 

If you miss any of these bin days, it can feel like a catastrophe. Especially when the heat hits the bins, heats up the contents, and the smell starts to spread. It is miserable, and it is not just an odour problem, overflowing bins can attract pests as well. You can contact the council to book a special uplift, but most councils restrict how many freebies you get annually. You might want to save your freebie for a big uplift. They also don’t make it all that simple. Regardless, you don’t have to live with smell or a buildup of rubbish. Instead, you can pick up the phone and call for rubbish removal in Sydney. 

Cheapest Load of Rubbish is a Sydney rubbish removal company that can uplift your household waste and dispose of it at the landfill. Just be sure that all of your rubbish is in securely tied waste bags. We will collect your bagged waste from the rubbish bin and you don’t need to worry about it beyond that. We won’t take loose waste, however, so double bag any waste bags that look ready to burst. We ask that you leave the waste in an accessible area so it is ready to be collected if you will not be home when we visit. Or at least, provide us with details instructions as to where we can locate the load. 

We can also collect your recycling and deliver it to the correct recycling centres. Likewise, we uplift garden waste of all sizes and take it to the correct disposal sight, whether it is recyclable or not. We will collect all of your recyclables and recycle them on your behalf. 

And for those items you can’t put in any of your household bins? Well, Cheapest Load of Rubbish is more than happy to uplift those items as well. We aim to recycle 80% of what we uplift, so you can rest assured that we will endeavour to sort and recycle as much as we possibly can. 

How Cheapest Load of Rubbish Works 

We offer a wide range of rubbish removal services that can make your life much simpler, whether you need household waste uplifted or you have renovation materials cluttering your garden. 

There are a host of items you can’t put in any of your bins, and the good news is that Cheapest Load of Rubbish can uplift many of those and dispose of them safely and legally on your behalf. We are proud to uplift renovation materials, building waste, construction materials, batteries, electronics, paints, soil, and more. If you have items to dispose of that you can’t place in your household bins, reach out to a member of the Cheapest Load of Rubbish team to discuss what we can do for you. If we can’t uplift your items, we can direct you to how to safely dispose of them. 

If you want help disposing of household waste, recyclables, or garden waste, Cheapest Load of Rubbish offers a simple process. You can use the online form to arrange a quote or you can pick up the phone and call us directly. We will send out a team of two in one of our recognisable trucks, we can even be with you today. 

Our team members will assess your load of rubbish or recyclables, provide you with a quote on the spot, and if you are happy with the quote, we can whisk all of your rubbish or recyclables away there and then. If that is not convenient for you, we will be more than happy to schedule a more favourable time for an uplift. 

What makes us
the no.1 choice for
rubbish removal?

Not only have we offered the best prices across Sydney since 1989, but we’ve also built a reputation for great service. We understand your time is precious, so call us once you’re ready to ditch the clutter, and a team of two per truck will swiftly and affordably handle your rubbish removal. Forget the hassle of skip bins! We charge by cubic metre, so you pay only for the space your rubbish occupies on the truck. We also offer same-day services where possible. We arrive, haul it away and you’re free and clear. Give us a call and leave the fuss to us!

We load the ‘muck to the truck’ 

Do you have old furniture, garden waste, building rubble or construction scraps taking up valuable space on your property or job site?

Don’t let it build up, call our experienced team of rubbish removalists in Sydney to take away your trash quickly and efficiently.

We recycle & repurpose rubbish

We might wear orange but we’re green at heart.

At Cheapest Load of Rubbish, we don’t just throw away your trash like the other companies do. Instead, we take a sustainable approach by following best practice guidelines.

Junk removal is our game

As a full-service rubbish removal company in Sydney, we take care of all types of trash for you, whether you’re carrying out a spring clean, remodelling your home, moving to a new home or updating your office space, we collect rubbish and recycle as much waste as possible.