Rubbish Removal To Help Sell Your Property

If you have ever spent time browsing an estate agent’s website for homes, then you have a good idea of what attracts your attention. If it isn’t the initial price that catches your eye, it’s probably the stunning photos of a clean, modern, sleek home. The most off-putting properties are so cluttered in their photos that they look dirty. Unless you’re looking for a fixer-upper, the majority of prospective buyers are attracted by properties they can walk into, unpack, and start living. 

Why Staging Your Property is Important 

Prospective buyers want to walk into a home and picture themselves in it. If they can’t imagine their furniture in the living room or their children around the dining room table, it’s going to be a difficult sell. Staging a property is a great way to immerse the buyer in the emotion of the home. When people connect with a home on a personal level, it’s easier to picture themselves living in the home. You can curate the home to target a specific audience by tapping into their aspirations and lifestyle. 

The most successful staging is creating a space that acts almost like a blank canvas so home viewers can project their life onto it. But it can’t be too plain, otherwise, it will come across as uninspiring. Staging your home is a great way to sell it quicker. It’s all about showing prospective buyers the space in the best light. And clutter, personal items, and outdated furniture make it difficult to effectively stage a home. Buyers know what they’re looking for before they start the process, and staging is how you ensure they see your home as meeting their expectations. 

Great staging is about potential. So, prioritise staging in key spaces, such as the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen. Focus on those key areas for staging to set the scene. Believe it or not, staging can boost your home’s value while reducing the amount of time it spends on the market. It’s a win-win. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but a couple of hundred dollars could get the job done and boost your home value by thousands. 

Staging is important, and it isn’t as simple as a few throw cushions. You need to de-personalise the space by removing personal photos and trinkets. You want a blank space. You should also make small repairs, whether it’s caulking, painting, or simply tightening screws on door handles. You will also need to carry out a deep clean, but before you do that – de-clutter. 

How You Can Declutter to Prepare For Sale 

De-cluttering opens up your space – it will make it look bigger, as well as more appealing. As soon as you make the decision to sell, start boxing season items, paperwork, décor, and anything else you don’t need daily. You can store it for your move, and it helps you get ahead in packing. This is also your opportunity to clear out old clothes, furniture, décor, and anything else you don’t use anymore or want to take to your new home. 

The key areas are the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom, and if your home has one – the garage. Typically, spaces where everyone gathers are valued highly. Clear out old appliances, boxes, and bulky items like old furniture, office or gym equipment. Sort through all of your unworn clothing to decide what to donate or ditch. Go through your kitchen cupboards and cabinets for a serious purge. Storage space is always a big selling point so if your storage areas are full to the brim, prospective buyers may think there’s not enough storage space. 

Go through the garage, bedrooms, spare rooms, and outbuildings if there are any. Clear out old toys from the children’s bedrooms as well. When you get to the staging process – stick with neutrals so people can project their style onto the space. 

Why You Need A Rubbish Removal Company 

The process of selling your home, looking for a new one, packing, and moving is stressful. The last thing anybody needs is more responsibility on their shoulders. So, by de-cluttering your home to stage it, you are making the moving process easier. By allowing a rubbish removal company to come in and remove all that clutter, you leave yourself with a much smaller packing job. It might even mean one less trip in the moving van. 

How Cheapest Load of Rubbish Can Help 

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