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Rubbish Removal Services in the North Shore Area

As the name suggests, North Shore is at the northern parts of Sydney. Most of the suburbs in the area are overlaid with gullies and ridges.

There are a few parks adjacent to the forest. The area also houses significant retail and commercial centres. In Chatswood, for example, there are many companies that are international with their basis there. The area houses many urban apartment buildings and is one of the busiest in the North Shore area. There are shopping centres and apartment towers that support the commercial activities in the area.

For 30 years, Cheapest Load of Rubbish has conducted North Shore waste removal with an unrelenting dedication to making it clean and safe. The team is familiar with the laws that need to be adhered to and all the possible types of rubbish they may encounter. If you want a reliable rubbish removal team, we can help you get rid of construction junk, café waste or any other type of commercial rubbish in an affordable, efficient and fast process.

Best Rubbish Removal Service in North Shore

Our dedication to rubbish removal on the North Shore has not waned even a little over the past two decades. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your business or residence is free of rubbish throughout the year.

Our services are comprehensive, so that whether you run a café or a restaurant, or whether you run a technology business, or whether you are just looking for North Shore waste removal services to serve your home, you are covered. We offer the best competitive prices on the market. Upon contact, we load your rubbish on our trucks by hand. This means that we can get the job done faster with no disruption to your daily activities. We are able to access spaces loading trucks cannot.

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Environmentally Friendly

By promoting recycling and re-use strategies, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our local area and lessen the impact of our consumer society.

What areas do we cover?

Our large fleet size means we can easily pick up your rubbish from suburbs within the Sydney Inner City such as:

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Environmentally Friendly Rubbish Removal Services on the North Shore

For the people of the North Shore, the environment matters. As a company, we know this and make it a driver in everything we do. We are committed to not just making the place cleaner and brighter, but also to creating sustainable methods of disposal and consequently, a sustainable world for us and for generations to come. Our rubbish removal service on the North Shore focuses hugely on recycling. In fact, 80% of everything we collect is recycled.

After we collect your rubbish, the rubbish is taken back to our head office. There, we sort it through and separate the different types of waste. The team identifies what is to be recycled and begins the process to take the junk to the recycling plant. Non-recyclable material is taken to landfill. The items we recycle include:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Steel Cans
  • Aluminium
  • Plastic
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Free On-Site Quote

A free on-site quote is provided for every customer at a suitable day and time for you. Our Sydney rubbish removal team will then arrive at your home, office or building site ready to assess the type and amount of rubbish that needs to be cleared.

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Cheapest Price

Cheapest Load of Rubbish is 100% the cheapest rubbish removal company in Sydney. We offer the best possible price, enabling our team to remove your junk on the spot once you’ve approved our competitive quote.

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Local company

Our location near you means we can deliver our services fast and comply with local regulations easily.


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Unbeatable on price, we calculate your furniture disposal cost based on the amount we remove, using our cubic metre rate. Our aim is to be as affordable as possible, we don’t charge you for anything you don’t use.

Cheapest Load of Rubbish Delivery


Wherever possible we will always organise same day collections. We can quote and collect your old furnishings all on the same day. Our large fleet of trucks means that we can have a truck on route to your house or office as soon as possible.

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Being in business for over 30 years has helped us become one of Sydney’s most trusted household furniture removal companies. We run a fully insured business and aim to provide the best service possible to our customers.


Residential Rubbish Removal

We know how easy it is to accumulate household waste, especially in a time-poor society, but with one phone call to Cheapest Load of Rubbish, we will have it gone in a flash!

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Commercial Rubbish Removal

Moving offices can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience, but with the Cheapest Load of Rubbish team on your side, we’ll help you sort out the waste without haste.

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Construction Rubbish Removal

With major developments popping up all over Sydney, and renovations hitting new highs, our service has never been more vital. Our large fleet of trucks sees fluid turn around times, with multiple loads from building sites an every day occurrence.

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Furniture Removal Service

With two men per truck, your furniture disposal is a breeze and just a phone call away. We have over 30 years experience in the waste removal industry and know how to handle your furniture removal fast and efficiently.

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Mattress Removal Sydney

Due to their size and weight, mattresses are among the most difficult materials to dispose of properly. On the other hand, maintaining and keeping them can also be harmful to you and your family.

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Household Rubbish Removal

Keeping your home junk free will help make day to day life much easier, not to mention you will be prepared when unexpected family or friends drop by!

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Garden Waste Removal

A well-maintained garden can create a calming atmosphere for you and your neighbours to enjoy. After a stressful day of work, arriving home to your luscious garden landscape will provide a peaceful end to your day.

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White Goods Rubbish Removal

White goods save us mountains of time every day. They’re little workhorses that help us complete our daily tasks with ease, and although lifesavers throughout their lifetime, when their time has come to an end, the task of removing them can be a hassle.

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Deceased Estate House Rubbish Removal

In hard times like these you need trustworthy and caring contractors to help make a tough time easier. We at Cheapest Load of Rubbish can help you with what we do best – rubbish removal.

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Waste Rubbish Removal

Looking for a cheap waste rubbish removal service in Sydney? Look no furniture, the team at Cheapest Load of Rubbish have got you covered. Dealing with rubbish can be overwhelming and stressful, which is where we come in.

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Junk Removal

Looking for a cheap junk removal service in Sydney? At Cheapest Load of Rubbish, we specialise in quick and easy junk removal services in Sydney for both residential and commercial properties.

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Same Day Rubbish Removal

Looking to get your rubbish removed today? At Cheapest Load of Rubbish, we provide affordable same day rubbish removal services throughout Sydney.

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Garage Rubbish Removal

Are you looking to clean out your garage? You have come to the right place! At Cheapest Load of Rubbish we provide cheap prices on garage rubbish removal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This will all depend on the type of rubbish and the volume of rubbish you have to be collected. Our driver will provide a no obligation, free onsite quote once they’ve viewed your rubbish. This is based on a per cubic metre rate.

If there’s availability, then yes we’ll send a truck out to you on the same day.  Alternatively we will schedule another day and time that’s convenient for you.

All rubbish collected is sorted at our warehouse so that we can recycle as much of your rubbish as possible.

Whether your rubbish is inside your house or already piled up outside, Cheapest Load of Rubbish provides 2 men per truck to load your rubbish onto our trucks and take it away.

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We believe in providing a quality rubbish removal service at an affordable price. We are Cheapest Load Of Rubbish.

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Our fully insured operation has been in the rubbish business for 30+ years. Making us the credible choice for waste removal.

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Our large fleet of trucks and same day rubbish removal service provides Sydney with a fast and efficient way of removing rubbish.

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We take a sustainable approach to rubbish removal in order to better our future generations.

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* Applies to the first full truck load of rubbish only. Can not be used in conjunction with any other discounts.