Do you have an item or two that you’re tired of seeing in your home or garden? Maybe it’s an old carpet, a pile of soil you’ve been dying to see go, or just those odds and ends that have been gathering for months.

Whether you need residential or green waste removal, choosing the right rubbish removal approach can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Simply skip the council cleanup and opt for a trusted rubbish removal company.

Council cleanup and rubbish removal services

There are a number of differences between your general council cleanup and professional rubbish removal services. Perhaps the biggest difference is in their frequency. With a council cleanup, you have to wait for either a scheduled council cleanup day or make a request for rubbish removal. Many councils do not remove rubbish daily, so you might be waiting a while to have your items removed.

Rubbish removal services, on the other hand, can often remove your rubbish on the same day you make a request. This is perfect for those of us who might wait until the last minute before hosting an event or having an inspection.

A rubbish removal company will also do the heavy lifting for you. This might be especially important if your kerb is farther than a couple of metres from your house. You’ll find yourself dragging your items to the kerb on council cleanup day, but rubbish removal services will come right to your residence and clear your rubbish until the job is done.

Many rubbish removal companies, like Cheapest Load of Rubbish, are committed to building a sustainable future, so from residential to green waste removal, your rubbish will be recycled when appropriate.

Why choose rubbish removal services?

If you want your rubbish removal to be one thing, it’s convenient. While you have to be sure to set your waste kerb-side on certain days to be sure it’s picked up, a rubbish removal company can come when it’s convenient for you. Many times, you can even have your rubbish collected on the same day you call.

With a council cleanup, you also have to make sure that what you set on the kerb will actually be taken; otherwise, you’re left right where you started. There are some waste items that the council cleanup will leave behind, such as soil, fencing, rocks, and other materials. Calling a rubbish removal company means that all of your waste is taken, so all you’re left with is a cleaner, more radiant home and garden. Green waste removal is easy with rubbish removal services. They’ll take what the council will not, including soil, trees, weeds, and even sheds, gazebos, and decking materials.

If you’re looking for rubbish or green waste removal that’s fast, easy and affordable, then skip the council cleanup and call our rubbish removal services.

If you would like to learn more about how Cheapest Load of Rubbish can help you then contact us today! We even service last minute rubbish collections!