Surprising Everyday Products You Can Reuse

You might keep hold of gift bags during the holiday season or a sturdy cardboard box here and there. There are loads of other everyday items you can hold onto and reuse all year round. If you’re mindful about the environment, you need to know exactly which everyday products you can reuse. The same goes if you are looking to save money and reduce your waste footprint. 

Old Containers 

The most obvious containers to reuse are glass products. They’re durable and generally come with their own lid. You can use them in the shed to keep track of loose screws and other odds and ends. Or repurpose them to store bulk ingredients in the pantry. Large plastic containers like soft drink bottles can be used to store natural cleaners, turned into bird feeders, or even serve as dust pans in the garden. Takeout containers are also a boon. Most of them are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, so you can use them to freeze a large batch of soup. Finally, you can even use tin cans! Use tins as starter pots for your favourite plants or to start a herb garden on your kitchen window. 

Cardboard & Paper 

The beauty of the cardboard box is you can break it down, store it flat, and build it when you need it. It’s a handy item to have for moving day or for storage. 

Old paper can be used as drawing paper, scrap paper, it can be shredded to use underneath kitty litter, in animal cages, gift bags, packaging, or you can donate it to your local animal shelter. Old newspapers and magazines can also be shredded and used. Or, you can leave them whole and use them as wrapping paper for gifts. Paper bags are a great item to keep hold of. You can use them to make packed lunches, pack leftovers for guests, or even as paper holders for your recycling area. 

Dryer Sheets 

Your impulse might be to toss your old dryer sheets, but before you do, use them again. They are great for dusting, polishing chrome, and getting rid of soap scum. 


You should change your toothbrush at least once a quarter, but when you do, keep ahold of it and use it as a little scrub brush to reach those awkward spots or to make your grout look new. They can also be used for applying hair colour or to clean tools. 

Plastic Bags 

While most states are cracking down on single-use plastic bags, you can utilise the remaining plastic bags in daily life. For example, once your cereal is finished you can repurpose the inner bag as a sandwich wrap. They can be used as bags for food or pet waste, too. 

Broken Dishes 

Just because you dropped your favourite mug doesn’t mean you’ve seen the end of it. Old or broken dishes have a variety of purposes. You can use it to make jewellery, re-tile garden tables, or even save them up to create a unique garden bed border. If it’s only a broken handle, you may be able to use that broken mug as a plant pot. 


You can take old bedding, towels, and clothes to a charity shop, but if they’re looking worse for wear, you can cut them into strips and use them for cleaning. Alternatively, you can take all those old button-down shirts and have pillows or blankets made. 

Old Furniture 

Instead of ditching old furniture, breathe new life into it. You can either refinish and repair it or, you can repurpose it for a new life. If you don’t want to go to the effort, you can always ensure it ends up in the hands of someone who enjoys upcycling old furniture. That way you know someone else will get to enjoy it.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

There are loads of everyday items in your home that you bin without thinking, but so many can be reused for different purposes. Even if you get another use or two out of them, it’s better than sending them straight to the rubbish. If you use the cereal bag for sandwiches, you’re reducing other waste. 

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