Construction rubbish is one of the most common in Australia because we have an enormous building industry, particularly in Sydney. It encompasses rubble, timber, metal, plastic, and more. And we produce millions of tonnes each year. It adds up to almost half of the rubbish we produce across the country, and it’s vital it is disposed of correctly. A lot of it can be recycled, which is a big component of sustainability.

Safety & Sustainability 

Safety is also another important reason for proper construction rubbish removal in Sydney. There are hazards all over construction sites, even in the smallest home renovation projects. So, taking care to provide a safe environment is important. Debris and construction debris are the most common hazards, from offcuts of timber, spills, and loose plastics, these can all result in slips, trips, and falls. There is also the potential hazard that comes from sharp objects, chemical products or debris blocking access and emergency exits. Waste management is critical to health and safety. 

In addition to improving the site’s overall safety, proper construction rubbish removal also improves efficiency. A dirty or hazardous worksite impacts the overall efficiency of workers, as well as their morale. A tidy, organised site will make it easier to find the tools and parts workers need when they need them and prevent preventable accidents and delays. Regularly removing construction rubbish also makes it easier to identify recyclables. Segregation is an important part of that, but it is an excellent sign of professionalism. An orderly site is a good sign for visitors, subcontractors, and potential clients. 

Construction work is challenging, and it can be messy. So, removing waste regularly makes it easier to navigate the job site and streamlines the work process. 

There is also a sustainability aspect to proper construction rubbish removal. When you use a professional Sydney rubbish removal company to handle your construction waste, it ensures that all of the debris that can be recycled is deposited at the correct recycling centre. This reduces the amount of waste that ends up at the landfill, and reuses materials which reduces the need for new resources. 

If you are disposing of construction waste, there are regulations as to where it is suitable for it to be disposed of. When you call a Sydney rubbish removal company, they can follow the letter of the regulations found in the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, Section 143. This transfers the responsibility to them and ensures you meet your liability. 

Best Practice 

There are many ways you can manage your construction waste, both to improve the safety and appearance of the working site and to encourage recycling. 

Proper Containers: Having proper containers to segregate material is a great place to start. You can create a bin of offcuts, etc that may be reused elsewhere on the site. 

A container for items that could be used on another project or donated to another effort, and another for recycling. There are three tiers to construction rubbish recycling – co-mingled, site-separated, and hybrid. Co-mingled recycling allows you to use one single container to dump all of your recycling waste. The rubbish removal company will sort it off-site and process the recycling. It’s a great option for smaller sites. Site-separated is exactly what it sounds like – different containers so that recyclables can be sorted as processed on-site. It’s the most efficient way to operate larger sites. Hybrid provides you with a bit of both and can save on hauling costs. Finally, you can have a waste-only container. 

Sydney Rubbish Removal Service: Of course, the final best practice is to enlist the services of a rubbish removal service that can haul away all of your recyclables and process them on your behalf. You don’t need to worry about getting items to the right recycling centre because the rubbish experts can do it for you. However, you can save time and money by handling some of the sorting on-site – it’s also a great opportunity to reuse bits and pieces to reduce the number of materials you need to order. 

Cheapest Load of Rubbish Can Help 

Building site managers and construction companies have a duty of care to the workers on site and the visitors to provide a safe working environment. Handling construction rubbish removal is a key component of that responsibility. The tips above are an excellent start to improving the process of managing waste. When you choose to dispose of construction rubbish properly it reduces overall expenses, decreases the impact on the environment, and prevents harmful landfilling. 

The best course of action for safety and sustainability is to put the job in the hands of rubbish removal experts. Cheapest Load of Rubbish can handle your construction waste removal, as well as uplift a wide range of other debris and rubbish. Let our professionals recycle your construction waste properly. Get in touch to schedule your free, no-obligation quote.