It doesn’t matter what type of rubbish you have on your hands, disposing of it properly is key. While plenty of items can go into your general household waste, others require special attention. What do you do with bulk waste? Or, with rubbish that doesn’t belong in any of your household bins? That’s what a Sydney rubbish removal company is for. You can use a professional service to haul away your waste in bulk. 

Top 10 Items People Forget 

  1.     Organic Waste

Australians send millions of tonnes to landfills each year, and that includes timber, food waste, and green waste. Organic waste should be composted or deposited with a local green waste recycler. Organic waste produces methane, which is damaging to the environment – it is also highly flammable. A rubbish removal company can uplift your organic waste and recycle it.

  1.     Plastic

Even with the efforts to limit plastic waste, it’s still in so many products we use daily. It is the most common item of litter in Australia, and you can use your home recycling bin to recycle hard plastics

  1.     Paper

When you buy paper and cardboard, look for the ones that have a high percentage of recycled fibre or draw from sustainably managed sources. You can recycle these with your household recycling bin. However, if you have bulk paper or cardboard, a rubbish removal company can haul it away and recycle it for you. 

  1.     Electronic Waste

E-waste includes mobile phones, televisions, laptops, tablets, computers, home entertainment systems, and beyond. These items of waste contain hazardous elements and also recyclable components. If these are disposed of improperly, they can release mercury and lead into the environment. You can’t put it in your general waste at home, it has to be recycled. Alternatively, you can use a rubbish removal service to recycle it for you. 

  1.     Packaging

Our landfills are made up significantly with packaging – and you can limit that by buying in bulk where possible. But, a lot of packaging is recyclable and most people simply don’t take the time to check what can and can’t be recycled. By calling in the rubbish removal team to remove your excess packaging for you, you don’t need to worry about what can and can’t be recycled, the professionals will handle it for you. 

  1.     Food Waste

While there are trials with food waste bins in various parts of Australia, Australians still throw away a concerning amount of food waste. When this ends up in our landfills, it turns into greenhouse gases that damage the environment. It’s also a costly waste – save yourself some money by buying smart, and composting the food waste you can. A rubbish removal company can also uplift food waste when clearing out old furniture and anything else. 

  1.     Aluminium

Aluminium is made for varying cans, foil trays, and a range of other food-related products. Luckily, it’s easy to recycle, even if there is still food stuck to it. The same goes for steel cans. 

  1.     Building/Construction Waste

If you are renovating your home, it can create a lot of waste and no matter how big your bin is or how often the council uplifts them, it’s never enough. Using a rubbish removal company to take everything away is an affordable way to clear the space and ensure it is all disposed of correctly. It also means any hazardous items will be handled carefully and responsibly. 

  1.     Household Cleaners & Chemicals

While many people prefer natural products to clean their homes and kill weeds or fertilise plants, most of these products do contain harmful chemicals. Ideally, you should shop for the least toxic products on the market and buy them as you need them. However, if you have toxic cleaners or chemicals, you can’t just simply dispose of these with your general household waste. It’s important that these are disposed of correctly to protect the environment and local wildlife. A rubbish removal company can help (where possible). You can’t rinse these containers or re-use them – they can only be recycled at a hazardous waste centre. 

  1. Paint & Batteries

You can’t pour paint out or simply dump it – it can run into the soil and water and harm wildlife and marine animals. If you have leftover paint, you can donate it to community groups or give it to a friend. Alternatively, a rubbish removal company can recycle it on your behalf at the appropriate collection centre. 

Many people simply dispose of batteries and bulbs in the bin. These are not appropriate means of disposal and you should ensure you take the correct precautions to recycle these properly. Buy rechargeable batteries to reduce battery waste, and invest in long-lasting bulbs.

How Cheapest Load of Rubbish Can Help 

Improper rubbish disposal can seriously impact the environment, from soil and air to wildlife. It also impacts the attractiveness of the community so, it’s important to dispose of rubbish properly. Be sure to utilise your residential rubbish removal bins to maximise the process, and if you have any excess waste to remove – call the professionals. As your local provider of rubbish removal in Sydney, we handle deceased estate clearances, garden waste removal, construction rubbish removal, and so much more. Get in touch to schedule a free quote. At Cheapest Load of Rubbish, we aim to recycle up to 80% of what we uplift.