Throwing Out Your Old Cubby House – Tips To Know

Whether your kids have flown the coop or outgrown the old cubby house, what do you do with it now? Speaking of coops, if you like chickens you could convert yours to house those chooks. If chickens aren’t for you, don’t worry, we have some tips and hints on throwing out or repurposing your old cubby house. 

About Cubby Houses 

A cubby house is a quintessential part of growing up Australian. If you have a backyard, then there’s every chance you have or had a cubby house. It’s the perfect spot for your little ones to learn, grow, explore, play, and imagine. 

The idea of cubbies came from Peter Pan in the early 1900s. In the book, JM Barrie references a small house Peter Pan and the Lost Boys erect to keep her safe. Barrie was inspired by a small white shed in his garden growing up. As such, the Wendy House was born in the United Kingdom and the playhouse or clubhouse would be simply known as a cubby house in Australia. They were originally built by hand, often by children and some grown-up supervision using scrap materials. 

Today’s cubby houses can offer everything from rock climbing walls and sandpits to slides and swings. Whatever type of cubby house you have on your hands, there will come a time when you no longer need it. The most common reason being your children have grown up or grown out of the cubby house. But, maybe you moved into a new home and have found a rotten cubby house that presents a safety issue. It doesn’t really matter why you need it gone, what matters is it’s in the way.  

What To Do With An Old Cubby House 

You don’t have to convert your old cubby house into a chicken coop. You could also turn it into a rabbit hutch or a shed, depending on its size. It could be the perfect escape for parents, a storage area, office space, or even a yoga room. Alternatively, you can give it a facelift for a teenage hangout. Whether you’re trying to practice self-care more consistently or you just need a clear-out, you have plenty of options. 

You may also want to repurpose the materials once they’re broken down – you could potentially reuse the timber for other projects. 

If it’s in good shape, you may be able to convince someone to dismantle it for you and re-home it for other small children to enjoy. In fact, it’s in great condition, someone may even pay you for the pleasure of dismantling it and removing it for you. But, if you’re absolutely intent on being rid of it altogether, then we have some suggestions on how best to handle it. 

How To Dispose of Cubbies 

Typically, cubby houses are made from treated timber, though some are constructed from plastic. If you have add-ons or extras, then you may also be dealing with scrap metal and other materials.

That makes the disposal process a bit more complicated because almost all of the items can be recycled, but not together. It’s important that the cubby house is broken down and the parts are segregated so they can be appropriately recycled. The wood is another complication because depending on how it was treated, it may not be recyclable at all. And if it is recyclable it has to go to a special recycling centre. It’s a lot to deal with if you’re not a recycling expert.

 If you call a Sydney rubbish removal service to handle your cubby house disposal, then you don’t need to worry about separating the materials and trying to figure out what should be recycled where. A reputable company will separate the materials for you and ensure each section goes to the right recycling centre. Rubbish removal companies have the knowledge and expertise on exactly what can be recycled and where which means that you don’t need to. You are paying for that expertise, as well as the physical labour. 

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