Many Aussies don’t realise it but we live in one of the most wasteful countries on the planet. That’s why we all need to stand up and be counted in Australia’s war on waste. If every single one of us decides to join the fight, and take responsibility, we can save this stunning land of ours together!

Millions of tonnes of recyclable trash end up in our landfill each and every year. So by doing your part and recycling what you can is going to be totally worth the effort. Especially considering there it’s pretty easy to recycle some of the unwanted items around your home.

Remember, the more waste that gets sent to the recycling centres, the less ends up in the ground, and the better off our sunburnt country will be. So here are 6 of the easiest household items that you should always recycle.


While most metals are recyclable, aluminium cans are by far the easiest household items of all to recycle. Plus you can even make money from it too, which is great for your pocket and the planet! Aluminium also preserves its 100% recyclable properties indefinitely, so it can be reclaimed and reused over and over again. The other great news is that it uses 95% less energy to recycle an aluminium can than to make a new one from scratch. Steel tins used for coffee, fruit, and Milo can also be recycled, just rinse them out first.


Like aluminium, most glass containers in your household are 100% recyclable, and can also be recycled continuously. Glass recycling is pretty environmentally friendly too, as it can be substituted for 95% of the raw materials required to make new glass products. So, be sure to recycle your glass containers and always wash them out first too. And if you need rubbish removal Sydney, talk to the pros at Cheapest Load of Rubbish today.


The average Australian household uses an average of about 20 kilograms of PET plastic every single year. And not only are they recyclable, but making sure they get reused massively helps our environment. Unfortunately, around 80% of PET water and soda bottles still end up in landfill. So it’s time we all start turning these terrible statistics around. Oh, and those thicker plastic containers like shampoo or detergent bottles can also be recycled. Just remove and discard their plastic tops and rinse the containers clean before recycling.


EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Decomposing paper actually produces a dangerous greenhouse gas called methane which traps more heat beneath the ozone layer than carbon monoxide. Thankfully, newspaper is another one of the really easy household materials to recycle, which is really great “NEWS”. See what I did there? You might not make the news for doing it, recycling newspaper can save around 65% of the energy used to create brand new papers. And it’s not just newspapers that have a really simple recycling process, there are all kinds of paper too. From junk mail to old love letters, coupon flyers to high gloss magazines, and everything in between can also be sent to the recycle centre.


It’s not just paper that’s easy to recycle, every different type of cardboard in your home can be easily recycled too. One tonne of cardboard from pizza boxes or cereal boxes ending up at recycling centres can save around 25% of the energy needed to make brand new cardboard. So recycling cardboard is important to help ensure Australia is a greener and less polluted country. Oh, and you can also recycle the thin shiny stuff like the cardboard used in shoe boxes. Just be sure to break down and flatten all cardboard beforehand to save space in your recycling bin.

What About Larger Household Items

Did you know that putting your unwanted household waste on the curb is illegal? It’s true! In fact, if you get caught you can actually be fined by the council up to $4000 for dumping trash out front of your home, or anywhere for that matter. The only time you are allowed to leave household junk out the front is when the council is doing collections, but even then they have very specific rules about what they can collect. Besides, there are better options for getting rid of unwanted goods like larger household items.

If you’ve got a ute or a trailer, you could try taking any larger waste to a landfill yourself. Obviously, you’ll need to contact your local facility and check to ensure they will accept each type of debris. And you’ll probably need to ask your friends to help load it all up. But removing all those heavy pieces of junk can be exhausting, and there’s still so much cleaning to do.

The better idea is rubbish removal Sydney from Cheapest Load Of Rubbish. We can come to pick it all up for you and get it out of your life. Plus, we separate everything by all types of waste which can be recycled, and that’s great news for our country. Right? Recycling centres will accept virtually anything which can be useful to the construction industry, from faulty appliances and lighting fixtures to ripped out plumbing, and any other material waste. So instead of just throwing it all away to end up in landfill, this is a much more environmentally responsible way to dispose of all your larger junk and debris.