When you’re biting into that juicy fast food burger and fries, you’re probably not thinking about where the wrapping is going to end up. But the truth is, that paper wrapping is going to end up somewhere, and in the worst cases – it ends up as litter in Sydney and around Australia. One little burger wrapper might seem like no big deal, but litter can have huge costs, and unfortunately, it’s the environment that’s paying them.

What is litter and who is littering?

Litter is just a piece of rubbish that was not disposed of correctly. Some of the most common pieces of litter are found right in your own home: paper, aluminium, glass, and plastic. Even though some litter is purposely thrown on the ground, other litter can happen accidentally, especially on windy days when trash can be blown from overfilled bins.

Anyone can be a litterer, but we can all also fight littering. The people who litter the most usually don’t know about the huge environmental consequences that come when rubbish is thrown on the ground or into the ocean. People are also more likely to litter in areas where there’s already rubbish on the ground. Litter actually creates more litter, making litter in Sydney and around Australia a big problem.

The Cold, Hard Consequences

When you see a piece of rubbish on the ground, you probably don’t imagine sick marine animals or destroyed habitats, but that’s the reality. When we don’t take advantage of responsible rubbish removal in Sydney, our animals, plants, and habitats feel the effects.

1. Harm to marine life

Marine creatures are sadly some of the animals most affected by litter. Plastic bags, bottles, and household waste that are littered easily find their way to the ocean, where marine animals can mistake it for food. Fish, turtles, sharks, and sea birds can become sick and even die from eating or becoming trapped in our litter.

2. Harm to land animals

Just like marine creatures, land animals might also mistake our rubbish for food, but litter in Sydney can also pollute habitats well outside of the city. This means that the animals are forced to migrate to find new feeding areas.

3. Harm to habitats

If you’ve ever walked through a forest or sailed down a river, you know that untouched nature is really as good as it gets. But when beautiful habitats become a home to litter, what was once a lush river or dense forest can be destroyed—and fast. Plant life along the banks can die and ecosystems within the water can be destroyed as a result of pollution caused by litter.

4. Water pollution

Remember the burger wrapper? Well, if that wrapper becomes litter, it’s all too likely that’ll it’ll end up in our oceans, along with a whole heap of other cans, bottles, plastics—you name it. Litter in oceans eventually breaks down to release all kinds of toxins, which has huge consequences for both animals and ourselves.

5. Soil pollution

When you think about it, litter goes through a cycle that takes it all the way from city streets and back onto our dinner plates. How? Through soil pollution. Soil can easily absorb pollution and toxins, which creates unhealthy plants and even farming crops. When unhealthy crops are harvested and sold, our litter ends up right back in our hands.

How can you help?

Rubbish littering causes serious environmental consequences, so it’s up to us to be responsible for the waste we create. You can help by actively creating less waste, picking up litter when you see it, and encouraging others to fight littering.

While these quick changes will help, it’s inevitable that your household will continue creating rubbish that could end up as litter, whether it’s burger wrappers or old appliances. If you’re ready to fight litter in Sydney and protect the environment, then it’s time to find affordable rubbish removal in Sydney.

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By using responsible rubbish removal in Sydney, you’ll get to enjoy more space, less stress, and the knowledge that your actions are saving plants, animals, and habitats from the effects of Australian rubbish.

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