Top Tips To Create a Healthy Bedroom

You probably think of the kitchen and the bathroom as the home of hidden household germs. While that is true, you cannot overlook the germs and bacteria hiding in your bedroom. In fact, studies have found that after just one week, your pillowcases have over 17,000 times more bacterium than your toilet seat. Your sheets have almost double what pillowcases collect in a week. Many people don’t realise that these germs can trigger allergic reactions, worsen respiratory issues, and exacerbate skin conditions, and more. Sliding between fresh sheets doesn’t just feel great; it is good for your health too. 

Bedroom Hidden Dangers 

There are hidden germs all over your bedroom. 

Rugs and carpets collect dust, debris, and bacteria. It might surprise you to learn that your carpet is 10 times dirtier than your toilet seat. While that might be shocking, it makes sense when you consider how often you clean both. If you don’t hoover regularly, the heavy foot traffic in your bedroom will see germs ground into carpets and rugs. Make it your mission to hoover once a week. If you have hardwood floors or laminate, you can mop weekly. 

You should aim to replace your mattress every six to eight years. Even if you hoover it regularly, it still collects dead skin cells and other debris. As dust mites thrive on dead skill cells, your mattress is a hotspot. Dust mite faeces can trigger cold and flu-like symptoms and exacerbate respiratory issues. Change your sheets at least once a week to minimise the risk of dust mites. The bacteria on your pillowcase doubles from week one to week two; bedding is a breeding ground if you don’t stay on top of it. 

Change your pyjamas regularly as they collect bacteria more quickly than your bedding. So, switch them out every few days. Speaking of, dirty laundry is another breeding ground for bacteria, but the larger your collection grows, the more at risk it is of mildew and more. You should find a new home for your dirty laundry basket or remove dirty laundry from your sleeping space daily. 

Your curtains and blinds are also guilty parties for dust and grime. You can toss your curtains in the washing machine, and wipe your blinds regularly. If it’s something you touch on a regular basis, you should wipe it daily. That includes your alarm clock, the door handles, light switches, lamps, and anything else that lives in your room. 

Sleep Interrupters 

Sleep Interrupters are also hidden dangers. The first one is both a germ issue and a sleep disrupter. You love your pet, and there are plenty of health benefits that come with pet ownership. However, it’s no good if your furry friend is sleeping in bed with you. Not only can they bring in fleas and other beasties, but they carry all sorts of bacteria, faecal matter, and germs. Your dog deserves its own space in a lovely bed of its own. Even better, you can teach them to sleep out of your bedroom as they snore, slobber, and disrupt your sleep throughout the night. In the meantime, at least shift them from your bed. 

Technology is a major sleep interrupter. You likely have your phone resting on your nightstand. First of all, when was the last time you cleaned it? It is also a distraction that will keep you from sleep. If you justify its place next to your bed because you use it as an alarm clock, perhaps you should consider using an old-school alarm or placing your phone across the room instead. Since we’re discussing technology, we have to talk about television. You might enjoy nodding off to a sitcom, but it’s interfering with your sleep cycle and quality. 

Indoor air quality is also an important factor in creating a healthy bedroom so, be sure and open the windows for some fresh air every day. 

Create a Healthy Bedroom 

Once you’ve dealt with the hidden dangers, you can create a healthy bedroom to give you the haven you deserve. First things first, clear out all old drink and food containers. From this moment on, there will be no eating in the bedroom. Eating in bed contributes to the build-up of bacteria, so it’s best to avoid it altogether. 

Once you’ve ditched the grimy containers, you can declutter the rest of your bedroom. Make your bed each morning, remove dirty clothing as soon as possible (if you do keep a laundry basket in your bedroom, ensure it’s lidded), and put things back where they belong. Your bedroom should be calming, and the cleaner it is, the more relaxing it will be. 

In addition to opening your windows and investing in an air purifier, indoor plants can also clean bedroom air. There are loads of plants ideal for indoor life that will purify the air. The best part is that some of them, like the English Ivy, are incredibly easy to maintain. Not only are plants great for air quality, but they’re also a stress reliever

How old is your mattress? If it’s older than six to eight years, it’s time to shop for a new one. Be sure to go and try out different beds because it’s a large investment, and there’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable bed. You want to wake up feeling rested, not exhausted and sore from a restless night. The same is true of your pillow; ensure you have a supportive pillow for your sleep style. 

Sweep the room for technology that might be disrupting your sleep. For example, an air purifier is an excellent tool to improve indoor air quality and make your bedroom healthier. However, if you don’t keep it in sleep mode at night, it might just wake you up. 

Natural light has an important role to play in your sleep cycle. It’s the rising of the sun that tells your body to prepare for waking and vice versa. So, ensure your room has a good source of natural light. If it doesn’t, you can invest in a natural light replicator that will mimic its effects and help you maintain your mood and improve your sleep cycle. 

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