Each year, many causes hit our headlines, but nothing makes a splash like National Water Week.

Held between the 18th and 24th October, National Water Week enables a platform for healthy discussion about water-wise tactics and innovations.

Australia, as we all know, can be notoriously dry and wet all at the same time depending on the time of year it happens to be or which state or territory that you live in. While we all rejoice when the rain appears, much of this natural resource slips away without being utilised.

With this being said Australians have lead the way in innovation and have adapted their lifestyles to include water plans to reduce water wastage and enable water collection and recycling.

For new build homes water tank installation or recycled grey water connection is a requirement as set out under “The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX)”. This index promotes sustainable planning measures and “aims to make all residential dwelling types in NSW energy and water efficient”.

Did you know…

  • The dual flush toilet system was created by Australian inventor Bruce Thompson? Thompson’s system saves in excess of 32000 litres of water per household per year!
  • Over 40% (Australia Bureau of Statistics) of solid waste in landfill in Australia could have been composted? According to “The ripple effect”, composting saves up to 25% of water as the soil holds more moisture.
  • Weeds need more water than many crops?
  • Mulching reduces water run off, prevents evaporation and limits weed growth?

What can you do to be water efficient?

  1. Check leaking taps
  2. Install a rain water tank
  3. Plant low-water use plants (www.BASIX.nsw.gov.au)
  4. Compost where possible
  5. Remove weeds
  6. Install drip irrigation

Where we come in…

Stay water efficient with Cheapest Load of Rubbish. Our team has extensive experience in garden overhauls and can help maintain your garden so that weeds don’t guzzle all your precious water!

We will,

  • Weed your garden beds
  • Cut back trees and shrubs
  • Remove soil, gravel or sand
  • Help spread mulch
  • Mow lawns or rake up leaves

We’re happy to provide you with an obligation free quote to get you on your way to a water efficient garden.

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