Fridges very rarely offer warning signs of impending doom – you generally open it one morning only to find out it’s passed from this mortal coil. There is a small window to rescue your food, and unless you have a food probe on hand, an overnight breakdown means potentially losing everything. 

What To Do If Your Fridge Breaks Down 

If your fridge was fine one minute and gone the next, then you have time to rescue its contents. If it’s off because of a blackout, then avoid opening it and wait it out. These types of short-term outages don’t typically last long, and your food will be fine as long as you aren’t allowing warm air in. When you close the door, it traps that warm air and degrades food quicker. The temperature starts to increase the moment the fridge turns off. 

If your fridge is truly broken down, then the rush to save food means getting it into an esky with as much ice as possible. If you’re lucky enough to have a portable camping fridge, then you can use it. You can also put your cold food in the freezer with ice bags to try and maintain its temperature. Not everything will fit, so you will need to prioritise what to save and what to ditch or start cooking. 

There are items that don’t require refrigeration, from canned and bottled beverages to eggs, bread, and dairy-free condiments. You can store these in the cupboard until you repair or replace your fridge. 

Hard cheese, fruits, vegetables, and fresh pasta are lower risk and should be fine in the esky with ice. 

Raw meats, seafood, cold meats, dairy, and soft cheeses are high risk – you can throw them away or cook them and eat them immediately. 

If it has been more than four hours, you should dispose of the entirety of its contents. And leave the door ajar to avoid storing all those nasty odours. If you are close to your neighbours, you can ask them to store some of the items you can’t fit in your cool storage. 

What To Do If Your Fridge Is No Longer Usable 

Once your food storage is dealt with, you might wonder if it is possible to repair it. Manufacturers do offer spare parts for large appliances, but there are rules around who can carry out repairs. You need to call a professional and the majority of internal parts are only available for seven years following purchase. So, if your fridge is older than that, you likely won’t be able to repair it. If it’s a door seal issue, you might be able to repair that yourself. 

In the meantime, you can rent a fridge. That will give you plenty of time to research a new model or speak to a repair company about whether that is possible. The rental keeps your food safe and buys you time to make a big purchase. 

Some people simply move their own unit to the garage, clean it down and use it as ambient storage. While it may be tempting, fridges can be dangerous. Children often close themselves in while they’re playing, which can result in death. In addition, there is still a risk of the chemicals in the fridge. 

Can Fridges Be Recycled? 

Yes, and the most efficient way to ensure it is recycled properly is to call a reputable Sydney rubbish removal service. 

Refrigerators contain plastics and metals that can be reused, which reduces the need to mine for new raw materials. Additionally, refrigerators rely on hydrofluorocarbons, which will release carbon dioxide into the environment if it is not removed properly before it is recycled. 

Why You Should Choose A Rubbish Removal Service? 

The best way to avoid fridge freeze breakdowns is by staying ahead of the game – first, invest in a reputable brand and choose a reliable model. You can also replace it as it reaches that seven-year period to avoid a breakdown disaster. When you order a new freezer, the company may offer a collection service to uplift your old unit. However, these generally come at a cost and it is often cheaper to use a separate service. Using a third party also gives you time to clean the area to prepare for the new unit. 

By calling a rubbish removal service, you guarantee that your old white goods are taken to the correct facility. When they arrive at the correct recycling plant, the team on site is trained to dismantle it safely. Once it is dismantled, the remaining parts can be shipped to the correct place for reuse. 

How Cheapest Load Of Rubbish Can Help 

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