New years and new years resolutions. They go hand in hand, but do you know the average time spent achieving these new year goals? Three days! Yes, three days, but there’s one new years resolution that we all can stick too.

Minimalism – A minimal, clutter-free lifestyle, where less is actually more!

If the minimalist lifestyle is a little extreme for you, that’s ok, here are a few good pointers for decluttering your home.

  1. Does it have holes?

Obviously, some things are meant to have holes but if you have clothes, towels or bed linen with signs of overuse, then don’t just put these old ratty pieces of material in the back of a cupboard only to be forgotten about. Chop them up into smaller pieces and place them into a rag bag. Your cupboard space will thank you for it.

  1. Does it require a VCR?

Do you still have a stack of video tapes hidden away in boxes? Technology is so advanced these days, that downloads have replaced the need for movie storage. Even our DVD collection has become outdated.

With video players far from showroom floors, there’s no place for video tapes anymore and these items take up room in your house.  Specialists can easily transfer your much-loved family videos to DVD, USB or external hard drive storage. Save yourself a lot of room and transfer them across.

  1. You still have your 3310, don’t you?

How good was the Nokia 3310! Back in the day, it was one of the most sought after mobile phones around. Moving forward 20 years we guarantee you still have your Nokia 3310 or Motorola RAZR (bonus points if you have the pink one) tucked away inside a drawer somewhere. With the advancement in technology and increase in smart phones, there really is no need to hang on to your old mobile phones anymore. Drop them off for recycling and keep them out of landfill, it’s really that simple.

  1. What does that cable belong to?

This point is relevant to many households. Over the years you’ve probably developed a good collection of electrical cables. More to the point, I bet you can’t remember what they go with or where you got them from. It’s pretty safe to say that if you can’t remember what the cable is used for it’s time for it to go. Cheapest Load of Rubbish recycles these materials, so don’t feel guilty about having it removed from your home.

  1. When was the last time you looked at your magazine pile?

Many householders are guilty of having a magazine pile somewhere. We’ve all done it before, hung on to a magazine because of that delicious recipe we’ve seen, never to get round to cooking it. Be honest, are you really going to go back and read over the magazines you have gathered? If not, they can easily be recycled. You’ll probably be surprised how much space you will get back!

  1. Don’t forget the garden!

Did you get swept up in the craze of solar garden lights? Have they stopped working but still in your garden serving no real purpose at all? Don’t forget the inflatable pool toys used over Christmas that met a sad end. Give your garden a tidy up and remove anything that no longer works. A tidier and more appealing yard will invigorate you.

Start living the minimalist lifestyle today by calling  02 9550 1181. Our friendly team of experts is happy to arrange an obligation free onsite quote to get your rubbish removed and on your way to a clutter-free 2017!