Your land is vacant, and you’re all ready to build, but your property is littered with rubbish. You’re the victim of illegal dumping, but what happens next? 

What Is Illegal Dumping? 

It’s a serious issue in Australia, and it isn’t just the harm it does to the environment. Illegal dumping in Sydney is also a problem for landowners. If the materials are hazardous, this can have a long-term effect on your property and your ability to build. And, even if it isn’t hazardous waste, you are still left to deal with the unsightly mess on your land. 

NWS EPA has gone to great lengths to prevent illegal dumping. One Sydney man received a $100,000 fine after dumping car parts, timber, over 20,000 tonnes of concrete, and other various rubbish on the banks of a river in a small NSW town. Additionally, he had to pay another $80,000 to cover legal fees, as well as the cost of the investigation. 

If rubbish of any kind is dumped outside of designated areas, it is classed as illegal dumping. The EPA works with local governments to deter illegal dumping and enforce litter laws. The cost is steep, particularly when it contaminates land. 

Unfortunately, many people spot vacant land and believe it’s the perfect place to get rid of their waste. Often, people dump concrete, building materials, rubble, bricks, electronic materials, old tyres, old cars, dirt, and even asbestos. They choose to illegally dump because they’re not willing to pay to dispose of it themselves or, they’re too lazy to drive to the landfill or recycling centre. Of course, some people are unaware of the waste disposal services available to them. Sadly, some people simply do not care. As long as it’s a convenient option to them, they don’t particularly care about the effects on the environment or the owner of the vacant land. 

Once it has been illegally dumped on your vacant lot, it is your problem. And if your property is littered with building materials and rubbish, then no building can go ahead until it is removed. It’s frustrating, but a company offering building site rubbish removal in Sydney can relieve the stress. 

Builders expect a clear work-site before they will start the project. So, hiring skips and clearing the mess yourself is inefficient. It will take you too long to get it done and hold up the project even longer. More importantly, as soon as skips appear, dumpers will make their way to dispose of more waste and rubbish. A rubbish removal service will send a team to have your lot cleared in no time and get your builder back on track. 

What To Do If Someone Illegally Dumps On Your Land 

It’s important to notify the council (for smaller dumps) and the EPA (for larger dumps). Alternatively, you can call the police to report illegal dumping. While it’s important to lodge a formal complaint, you will also want to enlist the services of a company that handles residential rubbish removal in Sydney and building site rubbish removal in Sydney. The cheapest and easiest option is to allow a professional service to remove all the rubbish so your build can go ahead as planned. 

If someone illegally dumps on your land, call a rubbish removal service in Sydney. You can get on with your daily life while the professionals clear the lot and prepare it for your building project to begin. You want a reputable service that offers same-day removal, you want locals who value your community the same way you do, and you want professionals who know what items should be taken where. 

The EPA encourages landowners to be vigilant about illegal dumping. The best way to avoid illegal dumping on your vacant land is to fence the block. Illegal dumpers are specifically targeting unfenced properties as these are easier targets. The risk is greater for properties with no neighbours. With no neighbours, there are no witnesses, which makes it more difficult to track down the culprit. If asbestos has been illegally dumped, you will have an even more expensive cleanup bill. 


Q. What Should I Look For In A Rubbish Removal Company? 

  1. If you’re looking for building site rubbish removal in Sydney, you want a reputable company that can provide you with same-day service at an affordable price. Check online reviews to see what previous customers have to say about their services. 

Q. Why does quick clearance matter? 

  1. If there is waste and rubbish dumped on your vacant lot, no building can begin until it is removed. Even if you don’t plan to build soon, the presence of waste will attract other illegal dumpers. There are also health and safety concerns, as certain items present a hazard to the environment. Chemicals, fuel, paints, and asbestos can make their way into local water sources after soaking into the soil. Dumped rubbish can also present a fire hazard. 

Q. How can Cheapest Load of Rubbish help? 

A. As one of Sydney’s most reliable rubbish removal services, Cheapest Load of Rubbish can help clear illegal dumping in Sydney. Whether you need assistance with building site rubbish removal in Sydney or residential rubbish removal in Sydney, we can handle all of it. We can send a team out to you as early as today and get started. Get your free quote today. We can also help you get rid of household junk after a spring clean, construction rubbish after a renovation, or commercial waste. We remove the rubbish, sort through it, and ensure it ends up at the correct facility.