Rubbish Removal For Your Garage – Facts You Didn’t Know

Many homeowners treat their garage as a large shed; it’s where everything that won’t fit in the house can go to rest. It’s an easy trap to get stuck in, but it’s so important that you keep on top of it. It’s convenient to have additional storage space, but it can easily spiral into a mess of disorganisation. Nobody wants to go in and find seasonal stuff when they can barely move! There are some incredibly sensible reasons for you to clean out your garage (and keep it clean). 

Reasons To Clean Out Your Garage 

  • Pests

Let’s just get this one out of the way straight off. If you have piles of stuff, you will have pests who want to make it their home. Food storage is a common sight for homeowner’s today and that can attract their attention, especially if the rest of the area is messy. If you do choose to store food, ensure it’s stored on a platform at least six inches off the ground. It’s more difficult to get rid of them when you have so much stuff lying around giving them cosy hiding spaces. 

The thing is, if you have pests in your garage, they won’t just stay in there. They will eventually migrate into your home once they find a way to access it. You don’t want to deal with a massive pest problem because it isn’t just the damage they can cause to your possessions; they can wreak havoc on your entire home. 

  • Cash

How can keeping a tidy garage save you money? Garages are often like the Bermuda Triangle. Things go in, but they never seem to come out. It’s easy to lose irreplaceable, valuable items or important documents amongst everything else. Worse, those valuable items may be damaged or destroyed in the event of a leak, fire, or some other type of accident. Of course, a messy garage can also lead to these types of incidents that impact the entirety of your home. A leak in a messy garage will be much more difficult to detect early, and in no time at all, you could have a flood on your hands. All of this costs money. Whether it’s to replace damaged items or to recover from a damaging event. 

  • Mould & Mildew

Speaking of leaks and such, mould and mildew is always a risk. You might not visit the garage often enough to notice the initial signs, and once it gets going, it takes off quick. Likewise, a lot of the items we tend to store in the garage can get damp and mouldy. For example, beach gear and camping equipment are often damp when stored. This can spread mildew and trigger mould growth.

It isn’t just the walls of the garage you need to worry about with mould. Mould can have health impacts and destroy your possessions as well. All leading to more spending. 

  • Safety

How is garage rubbish removal about safety? The risk of injury increases when dealing with a cluttered space. There’s a risk of trips, slips, falling objects, and more. So, by calling a professional rubbish removal company, you clear out your space and keep everyone a little safer. 

  • Space & Workspace

If you’re thinking about rubbish removal Sydney, think about how nice it would be to enjoy a clean workspace in your garage. Whether it’s where you tackle your day job, whittle wood as a hobby or, set up a gym, we all need a clean space. Remove all the unwanted clutter, and you have yourself a much bigger space to work with. Of course, you could always use it for its intended purpose – to park the car! 

Make a Plan 

It’s a big task, so your best bet for garage rubbish removal is to make a plan! The best way to proceed is to remove everything from the space so you can work your way through it. Split your garage into quadrants and work through one at a time so the process is more manageable. Drag each quadrant into the drive and organise it into recyclables, landfill, charity shop, or keep. 

Now that you’ve gotten rid of all the rubbish, you can deep clean the garage and scrub it down before you organise the remaining items. Don’t undo your hard work by chucking everything back in as-is. Invest in some racks and shelving so you can organise your garage. You can use shelves for the items you use often, cabinets for the infrequently used, and pegboards and wall hooks to organise tools. 

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