Given that New South Wales has been under intense flooding lately, getting rid of debris from these floods has become a top priority for provincial and city officials, as well as homeowners themselves. If your garden was recently flooded, and as a consequence of this, your old wooden fencing that’s been standing for years – probably past due its time – has been taken out, you’ll want to get rid of it as soon as possible. 

If you were thinking that your old wooden fence could save your garden, but alas, it wasn’t able to – and you’re looking to upgrade to something a bit more sturdy now that the wooden fencing has proved woefully inadequate, please let us know!

At Cheapest Load of Rubbish, we can help you get rid of that old fencing, whether it survived the intense flooding or not. If it needs to go, we can help you dispose of it, as part of our Sydney rubbish removal operations. 

How Can I Throw Out the Old Fencing? 

Let’s say you want to toss out your old wooden fencing, it’s of no use to you anymore and you’ve been looking for a replacement anyway – the damage brought about by the flooding just cemented your decision! You have a few options when it comes to disposing of the old fencing.


If you have access to a woodchipper, and if your pieces of fencing are thin enough – then they can be chipped into much smaller pieces. These woodchips – if the wood is untreated – can then be used in your garden as mulch. Alternatively, Cheapest Load of Rubbish can dispose of the chips or just put them in your green bin as garden waste

Please note that if you are at all concerned about your capacity to use a wood chipper – you need to let the professionals handle it. Contact Cheapest Load of Rubbish today to see if we could be of assistance. It’s important to note that if the wooden fencing has been treated with anything or painted at all – it cannot be chipped up and most definitely should not go in your garden!  

See If Anyone Could Use It 

Another option you have is to ask your local community to see if anyone has any use for the old panelling. If it hasn’t been water damaged by flooding, someone may have a use for it as artwork. Woodworkers of all stripes sometimes need extra wood – whether they use it for carving designs onto, or use it as a shim for their next building project – if it could be of use to someone else, don’t unnecessarily throw it out!

Take It to the Tip 

One option for your fence panelling is that it be taken to the tip, where it can be disposed of there. However, you’ll need to make sure that the panelling is dry before disposing of it. If you need help with this method of disposal, then Cheapest Load of Rubbish is happy to help. We’ll take down, bundle up and securely transport your fencing to its final resting place.

How Can I Recycle Wood? 

If you choose to go with the recycling route for wood, there are a number of options available to you.

Use It At Home 

As mentioned above, old wood that you no longer need, including untreated, unpainted wooden fence postings can be used at home in a variety of ways. If your fence posting is thick enough, it can be used as shelving, or, if it’s thin enough, it can be used – as we’ve alluded to above – as mulch for the garden once chipped. 

Bring It To Your Nearest Recycling Centre 

Here’s where Cheapest Load of Rubbish can come in! If your wood is untreated in any way – that is, it isn’t painted, stained, varnished and is otherwise in OK condition, it can be recycled. It doesn’t matter if it’s been broken up by the flooding you’ve experienced. Contact Cheapest Load of Rubbish and we’ll come in and assess how best to handle it and proceed to a recycling centre for wood products.

Put It In the Green Bin 

Yes, you can put your timber in the green bins! This is providing that it isn’t full of nails or screws and is relatively small and lightweight – no heavy 2x4s or larger, please. Putting it in your green bins as a homeowner is probably your best course of action, but you must make sure that it hasn’t been treated with anything and is free of any foreign objects. 

How Can Cheapest Load of Rubbish Help Remove Items From Your Flood-Damaged Home? 

Cheapest Load of Rubbish is in the business of disposal. For us, this also means disposing of flood-damaged items, like your wooden fencing posts that are wet and/or destroyed from the flooding. We also take furniture and other large items that may have been damaged by recent floods. If you need help with flood disposal, let us know! We work with insurance companies to ensure that your flooding disaster recovery is as smooth as possible.

Let us know if you need help with rubbish removal in Sydney. Our friendly, compassionate staff will help you sort through what can be salvaged and what can’t, then dispose of what can’t in a way that’s sensitive and compliant with local environmental protection laws.