Despite large amounts of waste being produced by companies, very little gets recycled. This leads to landfills being over-saturated with recyclable material. By investing in recycling and implementing proper methods of waste management, not only do you contribute to saving the environment, but you also save on business running costs too.

A significant amount of waste produced by a company can be recycled. Items such as printing paper, cans, or coffee filters are easily recycled, but sadly their correct disposal is rarely thought of. The first thing business owners need to do is encourage their employees to monitor the environmental impact of their waste management practices.

Even for companies that place recycling bins throughout their office areas, most users don’t bother to put their waste in the proper bins. For others, the lack of adequate knowledge on what items go where is the main issue.

Business Waste Management Tips

If you already have a waste management program, but no one seems to be using it, the following tips will help you get the program in motion and fulfill your corporate responsibility in sustaining the environment.

  1. Label bins at collection areas in your office so that recyclable materials are separated and placed in the correct bins.
  2. Hold a toolbox talk or office meeting to instruct staff on recycling practices.
  3. Evaluate how often your junk collection is made and if the bins are full during removal, adjustment your schedule to increase pick up frequency.  At Cheapest Load of Rubbish, we offer collections at a frequency to suit your needs.
  4. Work to reduce the amount of waste you produce with reuse schemes. Repair and maintain work equipment where possible.

Having a proper waste management plan in your business to include recycling and reuse strategies will allow you to reduce your emission and carbon footprint, and in turn will show that you’re environmentally responsible.

  1. Adopt the concept of composting.
  2. Review your recycling plan monthly and assess its use through the workforce.
  3. Find a method of disposal for electronic waste and furniture. You could consider reusing or repurposing.
  4. Use digital methods of communication and banking.
  5. Place recycling bins at a central location with information on proper strategies.
  6. Provide employees with utensils to reduce the number of plastic items they bring to work.

Why You Should Hire Cheapest Load of Rubbish

After implementing waste management strategies and employing the proper recycling tips for your business, Cheapest Load of Rubbish will walk you through the disposal process.

Our team of rubbish removal professionals will ensure that your waste is handled correctly. You don’t have to look for a recycling centre and we offer recyclable rubbish collections at a day and time frame to suit your schedules, with the ability to provide 240 litre or 660 litre bins on-site, which we empty weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

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