Your garden waste is one of those tricky items to figure out when trying to navigate rubbish removal in Sydney. Whether you’re looking to start a compost pile, or simply trying to be a good citizen by making sure that you dispose of household waste in the proper way, the world of garden waste can seem confusing – surely it can all go in the green bins?

Well, you’d think so! But you’d be wrong about that. Here is our guide to garden waste: the do’s, the don’ts and the definitely not. 

What is Garden Waste? 

Garden waste is the by-product of gardening. It means anything that’s naturally present in the soil before you start gardening, this usually means leaves, bark, branches, flowers, twigs, weeds, grass cuttings and more. Garden waste is usually transformable into compost. 

Compost bins are fairly easy to build – just make a small box out of wood and voila, a compost bin! Alternatively, you could buy one to keep outside and just toss most of your food and garden waste into that. Over time, this will break down into usable soil for your garden next year! 

Alternatively, if you don’t have a garden, or don’t want to start one – it can be a lot of work initially – then the City will help you dispose of your garden waste. You’re given a green bin to use for compostable items, simply throw your garden waste into this and have the City take care of it. Sydney rubbish removal services will help you out and take away your garden waste. 

What You Can and Cannot Dispose of in Your Home Bin 

Garden waste can be quantified as almost any compostable item, used in the home or the garden. However, there are a few key things that you may throw in your compostable bin, that you should not put in there! 

        “Biodegradable” plastics do not break down quickly enough to be included in any compost pile. These belong in the plastics garbage, where they can be disposed of properly.

        Clay – clay is another deceptive blighter when it comes to garden waste – because yes, clay is recyclable, but it certainly doesn’t belong in a compost pile. If you have a broken pot or other pottery item, take it to your local potter – they may be able to repair the item, or at least reuse the clay.

        Do not place any grass cuttings in your compost bin that have come into contact with herbicides. As the grass breaks down, the herbicides will leach into the compost pile, contaminating the entire thing – rendering it completely useless. If you’re using herbicide for some reason on your lawn, make sure you throw the clippings out with the household waste.

        Do not throw catering or animal faeces into your garden waste. While the odd banana peel won’t hurt, or generally any type of fruit or vegetable. Other catering waste like pastry leftovers are not generally considered compostable items, so should go into your green waste that you throw out with the city’s collection program.

        Do not throw plastic or stones into the compost pile or the green waste bag. If you’re not doing the composting yourself, you want to give the City the best quality product possible – plastics and stones simply do not break down fast enough to be of any use in a compost pile. Plastics go in the plastics bin and stones can be taken elsewhere like a quarry. 

How Can Cheapest Load of Rubbish Help You? 

A Sydney rubbish removal service like Cheapest Load of Rubbish can help you sort through your green waste effectively and efficiently. We’ll come to you and help you clean up your yard as often as you need, and quickly sort through and dispose of your green waste. 

No matter what time of year it is, if you have green waste that you’re unsure of how to dispose of, we have the knowledge and expertise to help. Tree branches from your latest round of being Chainsaw Charlie? We can help you dispose of them. We can also help you rake up your fallen leaves in autumn, which make great compost themselves. 

Cheapest Load of Rubbish specialises in waste removal of all sorts from your property. We’ll bring our rubbish removal experts to you and help you figure out what goes where. If you need help with your Sydney rubbish removal, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as they say.