School holidays can be a big transition for parents. The holidays bring the opportunity to spend more time with your kids, but they also bring a chance to throw out the junk and reclaim space in your home.

Why it’s time to toss the junk

While you might feel you don’t have a second to spare, school holidays are the perfect time to think about garbage disposal for school materials and children’s items that you no longer use. The break from school allows you time to decide what’s too small, too used or too much to store. It’s also a great time to get the kids involved. If you’re drowning in craft projects and paintings, have your child choose their favourite three pieces and hang them proudly on the wall.

What items you should toss

Broken or unused toys

You might find that every toy you’ve ever owned finds its way out into the open during school holidays. It can clutter up your home quickly, so now is the time to decide what should stay and what should go. Broken or unused toys should be put in the garbage disposal pile. Cleaning out the toy box can make room for new items that fit your child’s age and interest.

Overused school supplies

Much of the material your children will bring home when the school year ends won’t be suitable to use again. Ripped notebooks, broken crayons and dried up paint have no place in next year’s backpack, so toss them right into the junk pile. Of course, supplies that are in great condition should be saved for the coming year.

Outgrown clothing

The start of school holidays is perfect for reflecting on how much your child has grown, and not just intellectually. It’s likely your child may have grown out of some of their clothing, shoes and even bedding. You’ll want to rid the closet of outgrown clothing to make way for apparel that’ll fit them in the coming year.

Outgrown furniture

Ridding your home of junk for the summer isn’t just about the little stuff. You’ll also want to think about larger items that have been outgrown. Perhaps it’s a homework desk that’ll be too small the next time your child has an assignment, or maybe it’s time to upgrade to an adult-sized bed. Getting rid of large items like furniture will really get your home ready for summer.

How Cheapest Load of Rubbish can help

After you have decided what toys, school supplies and furniture to toss, it’s time to choose your method of garbage disposal. Cheapest Load of Rubbish can remove items both big and small, so your junk will disappear from your home in just one trip. We can even collect your rubbish on the same day, so old toys and school items aren’t left lying around.

School is out and so is your rubbish! Let Cheapest Load of Rubbish help you clean out all your school rubbish and start the new term fresh!