Working out at home is an excellent way of keeping fit and staying healthy, but most exercise equipment is pretty big. Which is okay if you’re still exercising frequently, but not so much when you haven’t been keeping up with your fitness routine.

Maybe you still want to run, but it’s your broken treadmill that doesn’t. Or maybe you’ve just lost interest and your home gym has become a massive clothes hanger. No matter what reason you’re not using your old exercise equipment, they’re so massive that they’re always in the way. And it doesn’t really make sense to leave your old, broken, or unwanted exercise equipment just sitting there and cluttering up your lounge or garage. If you’re finally ready to get rid of your old workout equipment, here’s how to do it.

Dispose Of Unwanted Exercise Equipment Yourself

Gym equipment is often both awkwardly shaped and incredibly heavy, which means they’re difficult to move around so you can take back all that space. In fact, trying to move massive exercise equipment is much harder work than actually using it for working out.

Then there’s the issue of how to dispose of your gym equipment if you do manage to get it all outside. Even if you successfully dragged it out to the curb for the next council collection, they often won’t pick it up.

If you or a very close mate has a big enough vehicle like a decent sized ute, then maybe you could take it to landfill. But it certainly won’t all fit into a little hatchback. And you can’t just leave it out there on the street. It all just seems like too much hard work.

So how can you dispose of old gym equipment if you can’t do it yourself? Well, before you decide to move out and leave it there, or build a wall around it just so you no longer have to look at it, some better options are a little less dramatic. Like Rubbish Removal Sydney for example, or maybe donating it!

Donate Unwanted Gym Equipment

If your equipment still works and is in pretty good condition, you may be able to donate it to a charity or community organisation. This is an excellent way to not only keep it from ending up in landfill prematurely but also to help people in need.

So have a look online or ring around your local St Vinnies, the Salvos, Goodwill, and any other reputable charities to see if they’re interested in any used gym equipment. If they’re not interested, you can also try your local community centres like PCYC, YMCA, senior homes, high schools, retirement centres, scouts, and hospitals.

However, you’ll most likely have to transport it there yourself and schedule a time to drop it off. Don’t forget that they’ll plug it in or try it out to make sure it works when you get there, so hopefully, nothing happens to it when transporting it there. If you get there and it doesn’t work, you’re back to square one and you’ll have to dispose of it yourself.

Recycle Unwanted Exercise Equipment

As most exercise machines and equipment contain materials which aren’t naturally biodegradable, they’re classified as environmental pollutants. And when these non-biodegradable materials inside home gym equipment end up in landfill, they’ll pollute the planet for many centuries.

So consider the environment when getting rid of your old exercise equipment by going green and recycling it all!  Recycling means valuable materials can be salvaged from your exercise equipment and then reused to produce something new. Plus, recycling also creates local jobs and even boosts our economy. Everybody wins!

If you decide to go this route, you’ll need to call your local recycling centre and ask them how you can recycle your old workout machines. Most recycling centres will only take certain pieces and will want them completely deconstructed. And don’t forget you’ll probably still need you to take your old equipment to them.

Junk Unwanted Exercise Equipment

The good news is that you can avoid all of the stress, worry, and work to dispose of your old or broken exercise equipment by contacting a junk removal service like Cheapest Load of Rubbish. This is by far the easiest option to get rid of old exercise equipment. Rubbish removal companies come out to you, remove your gym gear from wherever it is inside your home, and then take it away and out of your life forever!

This means you won’t need to do any work at all, as Rubbish Removal Sydney will do all of the heavy lifting, difficult maneuvering, and tricky transportation for you. Plus, a professional rubbish removal company like Cheapest Load Of Rubbish can remove old exercise equipment from your home without causing any damage to the walls, floors, and doors.

And if you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll be happy to know that Cheapest Load Of Rubbish are too. After we haul your old gym equipment away, we will re-house it or take it to a recycling facility to stop it from going to landfill. So contact the junk experts from Cheapest Load of Rubbish today and we’ll take care of your old exercise equipment for you.