With energy costs on the rise, a lot of people are opting to use storage or space heaters. They can be a money-saving exercise, or provide you with additional warmth in commonly used rooms. They are often more cost-effective than central heating. 

Different Types of Heaters 

Heaters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and power sources. 

  •       Fan Heater

Electricity-powered, fan heaters come in a variety of sizes and are one of the cheapest to buy. They are ideal for heating smaller rooms, such as bedrooms or small living rooms. They generally provide a cooling function as well, which makes them suitable for use all year. It’s a popular choice for people dealing with limited budgets or small spaces.

  •       Radiant Heater

A radiant bar heater operates by electric just like the fan heater. However, it uses infrared rays to radiate heat outward. It isn’t a great choice for heating a room, it’s the type of heater you typically see mounted outside bars and outdoor gathering areas as it provides heat directly to those in its proximity.

  •       Convector Heater

Convection or convector heaters are electric-powered. They operate by taking cold air and putting hot air back out into the room. They are effective for heating a room over a period of time. So, if you need additional heating in your living room, a convector is an excellent option. 

  •       Oil Heater

Oil heaters are powered by electricity and produce radiant heat. The oil heats within the heater and circulates through the columns to produce heat. Oil is particularly good at retaining heat, which means even once you’ve turned it off, it will still provide heat.

  •       Gas Heater

A gas heater can be un-flued for portability or flued, which means it is fixed within the home and has a pipe to vent emissions. They are more expensive than the other options but are useful in power outages as they will still operate. 

How To Dispose of Old Or Broken Heaters 

You don’t have to throw them out or recycle them, if you have an old or broken heater, you may choose to upcycle it instead. Upcycling is a great option, especially for creatives who love unique pieces. Whether you’re interested in creating an LED display case or a candle holder. The LED display case is an excellent way to transform an electric heater. The small holes are perfect for placing small lights and you can use multi-colours to create a coffee table conversation starter or a nightlight. 

If you have a larger heater, you may be able to convert it into a table stand with the use of strong carpenters glue. You just need a slick tabletop and a bit of creativity. 

Electric heaters often have extra space within them. You can remove all of the heating components, recycle them, and repurpose the case to create a display. It could be a literal display case, storage or decorative unit, or even a nightstand! 

Can You Recycle Parts of Heaters? 

Electric heaters are e-waste and can be recycled at an e-waste site. You may find that local hardware stores also accept old heaters to recycle them on your behalf. You don’t need to recycle them in parts because they are generally recyclable as a whole. However, if you want to upcycle it, you can recycle parts of the heater and keep other parts. Regardless, the recycling centre will deal with the safest process. 

How a Rubbish Removal Company Can Help 

Many old heaters are classed as e-waste, which means they are not suitable for standard landfill disposal. There are often fees associated with dropping old appliances at the appropriate facility or station, but generally not with a small portable heater. Sadly, e-waste is one of the most common items for illegal dumping. This can incur a large fine, as it is a criminal offence and is considered a pollutant that can threaten both wildlife and public safety. But, a rubbish removal company can deal with all of that on your behalf. 

Why Use Cheapest Load of Rubbish 

No matter how big or small the job, Cheapest Load of Rubbish can help you with your rubbish removal in Sydney. We can uplift your old or broken heaters and dispose of them safely. We are a locally owned and operated business and we believe in serving the community. Not only do we ensure that we recycle at least 80% of what we uplift, but we are also passionate about keeping our community clean, safe, and clutter-free. That includes your home, which is why we provide affordable Sydney rubbish removal services throughout the area. There’s no need to let old heaters gather dust when Cheapest Load of Rubbish can clear them out for you. Get in touch with the team to arrange your free, no-obligation quote.