The world is rapidly using up resources, pollution is rife in the atmosphere, our waters are contaminated, and trees are being cut down at dramatic rates. If we don’t start taking care of the environment, it’ll lead to greater global warming – which will in turn lead to bigger, more damaging storms that are guaranteed to impact the world we live in. 

As the earth’s temperature continues to rise, ice caps will melt, resulting in a major sea-level rise, and major cities and even nations will disappear. Global warming will also impact our health – with asthma and allergies increasing as pollution does. 

As parents, we need to be taking care of our children in the best ways possible – and that includes taking care of their future. We want to help children understand the world around them – and of course, to educate them on the importance of their immediate environment. Crucially, we need children to know that the little things they do now will help them secure a brighter future. 

What Does It Mean To Go Green? 

Essentially, going green brings cleaner air, safer foods and better water quality. And although it might not seem important to many people, it not only benefits the world at large, but also improves your home life in general – it gives you a sense of purpose and accomplishment. 

Kermit said – “it ain’t easy being green”, but honestly, he’s full of it. It’s actually much easier than you think. Going green is a way of life – it allows you to do everything in your power to reduce, reuse and recycle. It not only helps you to embrace things in your life that are good for the environment, but it gives you a sense of accomplishment – knowing you’re doing what you can for future generations. 

The aim of going green is to reduce pollution and resources consumption, to eliminate the amount of waste we use, to conserve natural resources such as water, and to allow the natural environment to thrive.

Benefits Of Going Green At Home

We can all play a part in going green – and it starts in the home. By making simple changes, which we’ll go into later, you can not only help the environment and play a part in slowing down global warming… you can also change your own life. By going green, you will decrease your spending, reduce your energy bills, and live a much healthier lifestyle. Here’s a little more detail on the benefits: 

  1.     Reduce energy costs: by using solar energy instead of electricity, you can save yourself around $400 per annum, per kW of solar – so if you install an 8kW system, you’ll save around $3,400 a year.
  2.     Reduce impact on the environment. By reducing the amount of plastics and non-sustainable products you use around the home, you can lower your carbon footprint.
  3.     Healthier living. By going green, you’re committing to a healthier life in general – and that includes your diet. Ditching the plastics will have you stocking up on fresh foods instead, which of course are better for you.
  4.     Preserves natural resources, which leaves more for future generations. From switching to solar energy to using bore water to irrigate your gardens, planting trees, or changing the lightbulbs you use, you’re playing a part in preservation. 

Simple Kitchen Swaps You And The Kids Can Make 

You don’t need to give your kitchen a complete overhaul. Even the smallest changes can make a huge difference. Get the kids involved, teach them what needs to be done, and try these simple kitchen swaps that will benefit you and the environment: 

Throw out the paper towels. Although they’re certainly useful, they’re also a waste of a good tree and you’re better off using cloth, washable dish towels to clean up any mess instead. Stock up so you have plenty available when you need them. Did you know that to make one tonne of paper towels, it takes 17 trees and over 75,000 litres of water? 

Have a recycle bin handy. When you have a single bin in the kitchen, it’s much faster and easier to throw away your recyclables into your general waste bin, rather than taking a walk outside. Your best bet is to have two bins, and make sure the kids know which one is for general rubbish removal and which is for recyclables. If you don’t have the space for two bins, consider a dual bin instead. 

Use natural products for heavy cleaning. Get rid of the bleaches and harsh chemicals, and stock up instead on baking soda and vinegar. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to clean tough stains with a good combination of these simple products – and they’re kid friendly! 

Stick to oils, or a reusable spray bottle. Cooking spray is convenient, but all those aerosol chemicals are bad for the environment. The cans are also hard to recycle. Instead, stick to bottle oils, or buy a reusable oil spray bottle. 

Update your kitchenware. Non-stick cookware is all the rage and it can create delicious meals – where nothing gets left in the pan. Unfortunately, though, they’re not great for the environment! They’re coated in chemicals that are actually harmful, so shop for stainless steel or cast iron instead. While you’re in the kitchen, ditch the single-use containers and utensils. Switch to reusable BPA free dishes and bamboo utensils. And teach the kids how to wash their dishes, rather than toss them in the bin. 

Forget the plastics. To start with, get rid of any single use water bottles you might have floating around and invest in a glass or stainless-steel bottle instead. Keep this on you throughout the day for refilling. Next, ditch the plastic bags. Rather than packing the kid’s lunches in disposable bags, switch to silicone designs instead – or simply store their lunch in reusable containers. And while you’re at it, throw out the cling wrap. It can’t be recycled, and it can actually leak harmful chemicals onto your food. 

It doesn’t matter how busy your household is, you can still reduce the amount of waste you create and it only takes a few minutes. Start with just a few simple steps, and you and the kids will be feeling proud and excited for all you’re doing to help the environment. And remember, if you need rubbish removal in Sydney to help get rid of your recyclables, we can help.