Green waste refers to all organic materials collected from your yard considered to be trash. It ranges from leaves and grass clippings to tree trunks and roots.

It’s easy to assume that the term ‘green waste’ means that the garbage is not harsh to the environment but like any other waste, green waste needs to be disposed of correctly so not to cause environmental degradation, health issues or pungent smells.

Like all other types of waste, if you’re caught dumping green waste you’ll receive a hefty fine. With most councils providing green bins, there’s no reason to take the risk!

How to Reuse or Recycle Green Waste

To maintain an aesthetically pleasing yard, a monthly garden clean up will not only keep the weeds at bay, but will create less work for you in the long run.

After the clean up is complete, consider composting the waste yourself, that way you can reuse the green waste on your garden to replace nutrients back into the soil, which in turn stimulates plant regrowth.

Chipping tree trunks and branches is another great option when you’re looking at reusing your green waste. This can be used on garden beds as mulch to help keep weeds down and also promote water saving.

If these options aren’t for you then Cheapest Load of Rubbish can help. By hiring us to remove your green waste, not only will you save yourself time but rest assured your trash will be taken to EPA approved facilities for disposal or reuse.

Why You Should Hire Cheapest Load of Rubbish for Green Waste Disposal in Sydney

We are equipped with the necessary resources to handle your green waste, and with 2 men per truck, we do all the hard work for you, which means you can get on with more important tasks.

Why not schedule your garden clean up and we’ll keep your garden looking at it’s best with your lawns mowed and your plants trimmed, you’ll get to sit back and enjoy your beautiful yard without the hard work.

Cheapest Load of Rubbish offers affordable prices with upfront quoting on every job, which means a spotless outdoor space without the price tag to match.


Green waste has a lot to offer the environment as long as the materials are recycled, composed and reused.

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