Are you doing a cleanout of your home to remove old, unwanted furniture? Downsizing and need to get rid of the old so you can make way for the new? Old furniture is bulky, gets in the way, and its simply unnecessary clutter to have around the home or office. But getting rid of it can often seem like an even greater burden. That’s where professional rubbish removalists can help. 

Hiring a professional rubbish removal company to clear your property of old furniture will not only save you hassle, but it’ll also save time as well – and there are plenty of other benefits too. Here are a few of the reasons hiring professionals is the best option. 

They Know What They’re Doing

This is probably the most important factor when it comes to rubbish removal, and in particular, furniture removal. Sure, it’s easy enough to pack the back of your ute with an old couch and take it to the tip, but are you lifting it right? And should it really be going to the tip? A professional company knows what they’re doing. From lifting heavy items, to correct disposal of all unwanted goods, and even cleaning up after the fact – an experienced Sydney rubbish removal company has the experience and know-how to ensure it’s all done the right way.

Save Your Back

In the Australian workplace, one in three injuries are said to be caused by manual handling, costing the economy $28 billion every year. Many of these people hurt their back lifting heavy objects, including furniture. And it’s as simple as not knowing the right way to lift, or not understanding their limits when it comes to lifting weight. The same goes if you’re at home. Although there are no legal limits on what a person should lift, it’s recommended by a Sydney university OHS guide that the safe limit is 16kg. Trying to lift items without the proper training can be detrimental to your back and posture, while professional rubbish removal staff are trained in proper lifting.

Clean Up Your Space

There’s no need to leave old furniture lying around – it will simply become a health and safety hazard. An old couch left out in the rain will quickly attract vermin, bugs and mould. An old TV in your living space not only collects dust, but it is also unsightly, and unnecessary. By getting rid of your old furniture with a rubbish removal specialist team, you’re freeing up your space and clearing up the air quality around you. 

Save Time

Although furniture removal might seem like an easy enough task, you’ll soon realise it’s a lot harder, and more time consuming than you hoped. In fact, it can take hours out of your day. Who has that much time to waste? When most people have free time, they don’t prefer to spend it sifting through their stuff rather than relaxing or having fun with their friends. By hiring a rubbish removal in Sydney company, you’ll have a team of specialists come to your property, working together, to remove all your old furniture efficiently. While they do this, you can sit back with a cuppa, or get on with work.

Preserve Your Petrol

If you’re disposing of large furniture items, or a lot of furniture, it can mean several trips to the tip. And given the current state of petrol prices, this is an added expense you can do without. By hiring a professional company to dispose of the rubbish for you, you’ll save on petrol – in turn saving money that can better be used elsewhere. 

Stay Safe

Moving around your old furniture and other trash can present hazards to your health and physical wellbeing. Not only are large furniture items heavy, but they can be difficult to manoeuvre, particularly if you’re moving them from inside to outdoors, and then onto trucks or the back of a Ute. A professional Sydney rubbish removal company has experts that are trained to specifically deal with large furniture items and other household goods. They know how to handle them safely, and how to secure them properly within the truck for transport. 

Do Your Part For The Environment

Every year, Australians dispose over 20 million tonnes of waste through landfill every year. And according to reports, an average household disposes of 24kg of wooden furniture per annum. 48,000 tonnes of furniture are disposed of at kerbside pickups and 85% of that furniture isn’t recycled, it is sent to landfill. Daunting statistics, aren’t they? If you want to do your part for the environment, hiring a professional rubbish removal company will ensure your furniture is taken to the right place, whether that’s a recycle centre, or a local charity. If it can’t be disposed of to any of those, landfill is a last resort. 

Why Choose Cheapest Load of Rubbish For Furniture Removal

At Cheapest Load of Rubbish, we believe recycle is best and we’ll do everything we can to ensure your old furniture is disposed of in the right way. Our first port of call is always a charity, and provided the furniture is in good condition we’ll donate it. Next, we will talk to the team at your local recycle centre, where we’ll dispose of all the furniture parts they’ll accept, from material to springs. Only then do we dispose of anything that’s left at landfill. 

Cheapest Load of Rubbish will come to your Sydney home or business and remove any unwanted furniture with ease. You can contact Cheapest Load of Rubbish online or by phone to get a free, no obligation quote. The team will come to your property at the agreed-upon time and remove whatever you don’t want – they’ll even clean up after themselves before they leave. Get in touch today to discuss your furniture removal requirements.