Everyone produces rubbish, and whether it’s residential, commercial, or construction, eventually it’ll need to be removed so you can maintain a clean home or working site.

It’s not always easy to decide between rubbish removal and skip bins, but here’s some information that will help you make the best decision.

What is rubbish removal?

Rubbish removal services take away unwanted debris and waste from your home, office or construction site. The advantage of using this type of rubbish removal service is that 2 men will remove the rubbish for you which means you can use your time more productively and get on with other tasks. You can choose to hire a waste removal service just once to move that pesky old couch, or set up regular visits so your commercial space always stays clean. Rubbish removal services, like Cheapest Load of Rubbish, take a sustainable approach to rubbish removal and can clear rubbish of all types and sizes with the environment in mind.

What are skip bins?

A skip bin is a large metal container used to store rubbish until the entire bin is taken away for rubbish disposal. The main difference between skip bin hire and hand-loading rubbish removal services is that the work falls on your shoulders. You do all the sorting, carrying and loading of the skip bin, taking up time which leads to a false economy.

Rubbish removal vs skip bins

When comparing hand-loading rubbish removal vs skip bins, there are two questions you should ask yourself.

How much work are you willing to do?

If you’re considering rubbish removal vs skip bins, this is the first question you should ask yourself. When you order a skip bin, the rubbish collection is your responsibility. With rubbish removal services, the waste is cleared and disposed of for you.

You might also consider what type of rubbish you’re producing. Skip bins may not accept all types of waste, and this could mean you’re making an extra trip to dispose of certain items. Rubbish removal services like Cheapest Load of Rubbish collect most types of trash so you can have all rubbish removed in one swift step.

How much space do you have to spare?

One of the major downfalls of skip bins is that they take up a lot of space on your residential property or work site. If you’re taking on a residential project, it’s likely you won’t have room to store a large metal bin in your home. Many times skip bins end up on the street, which can cause problems with neighbours and council regulations.

With rubbish removal, on the other hand, professionals will come to your residence, collect the trash, and clear it, so all you’re left with is a tidy homeconstruction site, or commercial space.

Cheapest Load of Rubbish offers plenty of services to cover all of your rubbish removal needs. From residential to furniture and hard waste removal, no job is too small or too big.

Cheapest Load of Rubbish can help you remove your rubbish at home, at the office and even on construction sites. Contact us today for an obligation free quote!