There have been countless studies done over the years regarding the cleanliness and hygiene of our bathrooms. The sad news is that yes, your bathroom surfaces are most likely covered in a lot of different microbial bacteria.

While most bacteria in your bathroom predictably comes from the toilet, it can very easily spread to other areas, especially when flushing with the lid up. Thanks to what’s known as the aerosol effect, bacteria lands on most bathroom surfaces where they thrive in damp and dark places which aren’t cleaned as frequently as they should be. A study in 2011 found the germiest spot in your bathroom is actually your toothbrush holder.

In fact, it only takes 2 to 4 hours for bacteria on a doorknob to spread throughout 40% to 60% of all surfaces in the bathroom. So even the most immaculately spotless bathroom can still be contaminated with germs. And irregular cleaning and rubbish removal in Sydney, it certainly elevates the risk of germ and virus transmission.

Benefits Of Bathroom Organisation

Despite it being the one room that so easily seems to turn into chaos, the benefits of having an organised bathroom actually go well beyond just aesthetics. Sure, an ordered bathroom does look great, but it’s also much more relaxing. Besides, an organised bathroom is just easier to use, as there’s a place to store everything and all the products you need are neatly arranged and easily accessible. Oh, and of course it also makes it easier to keep clean, sanitary, and hygienic.

Which is important because, somewhat ironically, the smallest room in our home typically has the widest variety of different surfaces which need to be kept clean. There’s floors, countertops, sinks, tiles, mirrors, windows, screens, and of course toilets. And if you also have too much clutter and unnecessary furniture in your bathroom, that means even more surfaces for bacteria to live that must be kept clean. 

Not only is a clean environment important for your health, but you also need to ensure your bathroom is as safe as possible too. According to the CDC, the littlest room is also statistically the most dangerous. Out of the almost 250,000 adults who are injured in the bathroom each year, around 15% are hospitalised. Over 66% of these injuries happened near the shower or bathtub, 33% were in the bath or shower, and around 15% were while using or getting off the toilet.

And the stats in Australia aren’t much different. In fact, there were over 100,000 fall-related hospitalisations during 2016-17. That’s an average of 273 people per day. Falls are the most common home-related injury by far making up for 72% of hospital admissions. Out of the 58% of these falls which occurred at home, the bathroom was the number 1 place inside. About 40% of these fall-related injuries happened on the same floor level, with 15% said to be caused by a household object.

Tips For Organising Your Bathroom

Whether your bathroom is spacious and beautiful or tiny and cramped, it’s always going to be much easier to keep clean, safe, and hygienic when it’s organised. And it’s a waste of time organising bathroom products and other stuff that you don’t need or never use, so it’s a good idea to start by decluttering. Here’s how you can take steps to ensure your bathroom is clutter-free and as functional as possible.

Take a look around with a fresh pair of eyes and take stock of all furniture, artwork, storage bins, and decorative items in your bathroom. By getting rid of all the extra surfaces which only seem to produce more clutter, you’ll be able to establish a much more calming space that’s functional and easier to keep clean. Rubbish removal Sydney can help here!

Then it’s time to go through your bathroom products to see what you can dispose of, so grab some empty boxes or large trash bags. Start working your way around the bathroom and systematically go through each storage spot like cupboards and drawers, as well as all of your shelves and other surfaces. Pull out all of your makeup, lotions, medications, grooming tools, hair products, and cleaning supplies and sort it all into three different categories of keep, donate, and discard.

The most common reason bathrooms get so messy is a lack of proper storage space. Utilise any storage areas outside your bathroom to keep any extra stuff that you need, but don’t actually use that much. When it comes to storing the products you do use often, you want to keep them hidden away while still keeping them close enough to be accessible. This helps create a much tidier look overall while also ensuring it’s easier for cleaning.

If you have an old washing machine in your bathroom or laundry, replacing it with a new style one might give you some more storage space. But if you don’t have enough room for everything in your bathroom you need, you can add some new furniture for extra bathroom storage. Just make sure to use cupboards rather than shelving to stop germs and bacteria from landing on everything. Plus you can always use the inside of cabinet doors. Your other option is a full bathroom renovation with newly built-in storage and a brand new vanity.

What to do with old bathroom rubbish and renovation material

It can get pretty overwhelming with so much junk after a big bathroom clean up, especially because many products have some level of hazardous waste. Most bathroom trash should never be mixed with other rubbish in your bins and definitely not in with the recyclables. That means you always have to check product labels for every item before disposing of them. All of the hazardous products must be set aside and disposed of separately. TerraCycle is a great recycling program for bathroom products like tubes of toothpaste and dental floss containers.

Now that everything’s organised, you’ll need to get all of your waste disposed of. If you end up fully renovating your bathroom, you’ll need to dispose of all the old plumbing fixtures and broken tiles, as well as the vanity, toilet, shower, and basin. So once everything in your old bathroom has been dismantled, you could take it all to your local tip and recycling centre. Any bathroom items or furniture in reasonable condition should be upcycled, as it helps the planet by giving them all a new purpose instead of ending up in landfill.

How can a rubbish removal company help

Rather than throwing your bathroom junk in the garage or waiting until the next council curbside clean up, contact rubbish removal experts like Cheapest Load of Rubbish in Sydney. Our professional junk stuff will come out to your home or property, do all of the hard stuff for you, and leave behind a nice clean bathroom for you to organise. That means your bathroom project will be completed even sooner than expected, so you can get back to enjoying your home time much earlier.

Using our large fleet of rubbish removal Sydney trucks, Cheapest Load of Rubbish will come out on the day you call us to quickly remove any unwanted furniture, clear out your debris, take away any rubbish, and can even deliver anything you want to donate to a local charity. We also do the right thing for the environment by disposing of all rubbish responsibly, so you don’t need to worry about recycling any of it yourself. Call the team from Cheapest Load of Rubbish today!