When it comes to rubbish removal in Sydney, Cheapest Load of Rubbish is committed to delivering a high-quality service. If you have old rubbish and junk building up, you need a professional to handle the job safely. Safety and quality of work are just two of the reasons you should enlist professionals for rubbish removal in Sydney. Let’s take a look at the other reasons you should hire a professional service for the job. 

Free Up Space

The most obvious reason for rubbish removal in Sydney is that removing old furniture and clutter will free up more space in your home. It clears an area for a new appliance, a new suite, or a play area for your children. Once your home is free of clutter, you can reorganise it to properly utilise your space. Whether it’s a spare room, garage, or office, you will feel better once it’s cleared out. 


Clutter can negatively impact your mental health. By having a clear-out, you help mitigate those effects and relieve your stress. An aesthetically attractive home will create a pleasing ambience and make you more relaxed. It will also make you feel more productive. Having a lot of clutter or mess around can feel like a weight on your shoulders. 

Safer & More Hygienic

Rubbish removal will make your home safer and more hygienic. With loads of old furniture and appliances lying around, you have hazards on your hands. Not only can they cause trips or falls, but they also provide a safe home for pests. The more stuff that’s lying around or built up, the more sneaky little spots where pests can hide. Old furniture is an attractive prospect for termites. Bed bugs will enjoy those old mattresses stacked up in the garden. Get it hauled away and get your home back to its best. 

It’s Affordable

There’s a lot of expense involved in hiring a van and hauling old junk yourself. With Cheapest Load of Rubbish, you get a quality service at a fair and affordable price. It won’t break the bank. The cost will depend on the volume and type of rubbish to be removed, which means your quote is calculated by the cubic metre. Our driver who attends your site will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, and if you have lots of rubbish to be removed, then we can schedule several trucks to handle the job. 

It’s Time-Saving

You could rent a van and get some protective clothing and handle this task yourself. But, the cost of hiring a van, plus the necessary equipment, and the time it will take for you to visit the right disposal centres add up. Calling in the professionals will ensure a reliable team with strong organisational skills handles the job in no time at all. Cheapest Load of Rubbish teams arrive with all the necessary equipment, will clear your rubbish, and ensure items end up at the correct site. We aim to recycle as much waste as possible, with a recycling rate of up to 80%.

A High Quality of Work

The Cheapest Load of Rubbish team is proactive and efficient. We know where each type of waste goes to ensure everything that can be recycled is recycled. Our team’s knowledge and skill allow them to get in and out as quickly as possible. The quicker our team works, the simpler it is for our customers. 

A Comprehensive Service

Whether you need residential or commercial rubbish removal in Sydney, Cheapest Load of Rubbish offers a wide range of services. We can handle commercial, residential, and construction rubbish removal. We’ll remove your old furniture, appliances, mattresses, garden waste, hard waste, and white goods. Looking for household rubbish removal or waste rubbish? We are more than happy to help. Cheapest Load of Rubbish also handles deceased estate home rubbish removal. We’ll clear your garage, tackle junk, and more! 

How Cheapest Load of Rubbish Can Help 

With a professional rubbish removal service, you don’t need to lift a finger. The team will come and clear it out for you. We only charge for the items you want to remove, and there’s no need to worry about permits. 

If you need rubbish removal in Sydney, get in touch with us! We can be with you as soon as today. A member of our team can visit your home or business to provide you with a quote, and if you’re happy to proceed, we can handle the removal right away. If your query isn’t as urgent, you can complete the online quote form.