According to a recent statement from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Sydney is set to become the first Aussie city to reach five million people. With this surge of new residents, we’ve had no choice but to go up.

Apartment living is fast becoming the norm, with the City of Sydney council stating that “75% of residences within City of Sydney are apartments – more than 5 times the national average”.

Restricted space and time constraints help to contribute to the 48 megatonnes of waste generated by Australians each year. However, with some small changes to our routine and a few minutes of effort, we can help reduce this figure and redirect rubbish destined for landfill.

How can we help?

By choosing Cheapest Load of Rubbish as your preferred rubbish removalist, you know that you’re doing your bit to reduce landfill levels.

We choose to support resource recovery stations that recycle household, building and renovation rubbish and are committed to “zero waste”.

Currently it is estimated that we recycle up to 80% of waste collected. This is made possible by sorting every load of rubbish collected. We endeavour to increase this total as new and improved waste management tools become available to us.

Your Wellbeing

A small living space doesn’t have to mean cramped living conditions. By living smart and cutting out clutter, your home space will feel inviting and invigorating.

Every day our team works in and amongst restricted site access. Our experience has enabled us to develop fast and effective ways of removing rubbish; so leave the stress of cleaning up your high rise dwelling to the professionals!

Call Cheapest Load of Rubbish on 9550 1181 and we will provide you with an obligation free onsite quote today.