Getting households to recycle has been a task local councils have been pushing for many years. Not taking the proper efforts to recycle not only causes issues for the environment but can cause problems within recycling facilities. Without proper education and knowledge it can be hard for homeowners to know exactly what they can and can’t recycle.

Plastics are used in everyday life in the form of plastic bags, food packaging, drink bottles and much more. Each council is different in what plastics they allow to be recycled so it is always best to check with them if there are any plastics you are unsure of.

What to do with your Plastics

Most plastic items can be recycled in your weekly or fortnightly recycle bin. Make sure you wash and dry any plastic items that you put into your bin. This will make the sorting process much easier once your rubbish reaches the recycling facility. Any items that can not go in your recycling bin should be put into your general waste bin. For larger items that can not fit into your bins you can seek the services of a rubbish removal company like Cheapest Load of Rubbish to properly remove your waste.

You can check to see if plastics are recyclable by looking for the recycling symbol on the back of your plastic item. Any plastics with the recycling symbol can be put into your recycling bin that the council collects. Don’t forget to remove any drink bottle or milk lids as not all lids are able to be recycled. It is also important to know that recyclable plastics can not be placed inside plastic bags. Due to safety reasons, recycle plant workers are not able to open any plastic bags that make their way into the facility.

What about Plastic Bags?

If you are looking to recycle any plastic bags keep an eye out for recycle bins in your local supermarket. Many of the big supermarkets have bins available for you to deposit any plastic bags that you no longer want. These are then collected and disposed of correctly without ending up in landfill or waterways.

If plastics are not recycled correctly they can cause issues in recycling facilities. In some cases you may even find machines are broken or the whole recycling process is stopped just because the wrong form of plastic can become stuck in a sorting machine.

If you have any larger plastic items such as garden furniture or children’s play equipment that you would like to remove, then Cheapest Load of Rubbish can help. We can collect any large plastic items and ensure they are disposed of correctly. We recycle as much plastic as we possibly can before taking any left overs to the tip.

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