5 Reasons To Declutter Your Office Space

Disorganised paperwork, the inability to find the office supplies you want when you need them, a stack of files over there, and another here. There’s nothing more frustrating than working in a cluttered space, whether it’s a work office space or your home office. What you might not realise is how much clutter can derail your performance.

  1.     Increased Productivity

If every item in your office has a home, then you can find it quickly when you need it. That alone will provide you with a healthy boost in productivity. But, there are plenty of studies that show working in a clean and organised space is good for productivity. Firstly, there are studies to highlight how overwhelming clutter can make us feel at home. It makes you more likely to procrastinate because that clutter makes everything else seem like a bigger job than it is. Secondly, clutter contributes to poor mental health by making us more anxious and stressed. And research has found that to be true in the workplace as well. 

So, how can you be a productive titan when you’re feeling stressed out, anxious, and moody because of the disorganisation surrounding you? You can’t, which is why decluttering your office space and calling a Sydney rubbish removal service is good for business.

 A neat desk also reduces the risk of distraction. When you lose focus you don’t just regain it as soon as you begin your task again. According to a study from the University of California, Irvine, it takes over 23 minutes to re-focus after you experience a distraction.

  1.     Comfortable WorkPlace For Employees

Beyond the stress that clutter can cause, it’s also worth noting that a clean space is a comfortable place for your employees to work. It shows you value your business, and it shows that you value how they feel while they are at work.

 Another benefit of a comfortable workplace for employees is they take fewer sick days. Part of that is due to a cleaner, healthier environment. But it’s also down to having a more pleasant working environment. 

  1.     Brand Representation To Visitors

First impressions do matter, and walking into a messy office is not a great way to impress new clients, customers, or visitors. If you can’t organise your office space, why should anyone trust you to perform well in your role? The last thing any business wants is to lose client loyalty and trust because of a cluttered workspace. Especially because it’s an avoidable situation. So, old chairs and sofas, broken appliances or furniture, stacks of boxes or worn-out desks are not a great impression. Clear it out!

  1.     Digitising Files

What does digitising files have to do with decluttering? The more you digitise, the less stuff you have to store. Though, it is worth ensuring your team organises those files to avoid digital clutter. Some people automatically save everything to their desktops, which makes it just as difficult to find what you need when you need it. Create new folders for those files and make sure your system is backed up. Then you can clear out all that old paperwork unless it is required for you to save it by law.

You can invest in a document management system if you feel like this would be a smart business move and necessary for you.

  1.     Organisation

It isn’t just about putting your hand on a pen or stapler when you need it. It’s about knowing which files are ready to shred, what invoices are outstanding and recognising the need for an organised system to manage your business efficiently.

 An organised space is easier to operate in – it’s more pleasant for workers, it’s more enjoyable for visitors, and it leaves a positive impression on everyone who visits. If you want to build a successful business, then it starts in the environment you create. 

Why You Should Use a Rubbish Removal Company 

Maintaining an organised and clean office is good business sense. It helps reduce sick days, improves performance, and is safer too. But if you are clearing out a major mess, you will need a helping hand. Using a Sydney rubbish removal company will allow you to clear out what you need without loading up your car for numerous trips to the local dump. The professionals can collect everything all at once and haul it away in no time at all. 

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