When scrap metal reaches the end of its life, it can be recycled. The first step to recycling metal is retrieval. Once retrieved, it can be sorted, baled, sheared, and smelted. From there, a broker can facilitate the sale. 

Metal is a valuable material, and you should recycle it wherever possible. There is more to it than its monetary value. Scrap metal recycling is the most environmentally friendly way of disposing of scrap metal. It uses less CO2 than acquiring raw materials and reduces the emission of other harmful gases. In monetary terms, it increases jobs while decreasing the cost of production. 

Rather than leaving it collecting dust, collect it all, and call the professionals to haul it away. Rubbish removal in Sydney has never been easier than it is with Cheapest Load of Rubbish, and there are several ways to dispose of scrap metal. But before we discuss where it goes, let’s address the types of scrap metal and the benefits of recycling

The Lowdown on Scrap Metal 

Scrap metal can be brass or stainless steel, nickel or zinc, lead, copper, steel or cast iron. Using recycled aluminium to create new products uses 5% of the energy that forging the same items from raw material does. The majority of scrap metals can be divided into one of two categories – ferrous or non-ferrous. 

  • Non-ferrous Metals

Non-ferrous metals are non-iron. They include gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium, and copper. And are more resistant to corrosion and are not magnetic. 

  • Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals generally contain iron, are magnetic, and are prone to corrosion. These include stainless steel, steel, and iron. Over half of the steel production worldwide is scrap metal. It is one of the most recycled materials globally. 

The benefits of recycling scrap metal are numerous. It’s a highly effective material to produce new items; it limits the waste heading to the landfill. Scrap metal is used in smelters, refineries, foundries, and steel mills as raw material in production the world over. The finished products are just as durable as items forged from fresh raw materials. Ultimately, sending all your scrap metal to recyclers is the simplest way to reduce your carbon footprint. 


Selling to a scrapyard is the most straightforward option. You can take all scrap metal to a yard where they will sort it to determine how valuable it is. Different metals have different values, so sorting is an important step. It is also a crucial step as not all metals can be recycled. To produce high-quality recycled metal, the starting quality of the materials used must also be of high quality. 

  • Shearing Soft Metals

For aluminium, brass, and bronze, shearing is a useful disposal method. These soft metals are sheared after collection and sorting. This sees the scrap cut into manageable sizes. However, shearing is only useful for simple shapes. 

  • Shredding

Scrap metal is easier to separate once it has been shredded. Once they are reduced to more manageable sizes, it uses less energy to melt those metals down. 

  • Melting

Scrap metal is melted once it has been shredded. But, before this can happen, the metals are sorted. Ferrous metals fall into one container and non-ferrous into another. They can then be placed into a furnace to be melted. The final stage of the process is purification. This will ensure the final product is of a high enough quality and free of impurities. Once it has time to cool and solidify it can be formed into its final product.


Call Cheapest Load of Rubbish 

If you need rubbish removal in Sydney, no matter the material, then Cheapest Load of Rubbish can help. The most efficient way to dispose of scrap metal is to call the professionals and let them haul it away. The only way the recycling process can take place is if the scrap metal makes it to the correct scrapyard. Your role in this process is to call your local service provider and allow them to collect and transport it. It’s the responsible way to dispose of all materials, but scrap metals in particular. 

Scrap metal is a valuable resource. And, we can all do our part in recycling as much as possible. At Cheapest Load of Rubbish, we recycle up to 80% of what we haul away. Not only does recycling scrap metal benefit the environment in reducing emissions from producing new items, but it also keeps more away from landfills. It’s a win-win at every turn. 

If you have rubbish in need of removal, scrap metal you’d like to dispose of, or anything else that needs to be cleared, contact Cheapest Load of Rubbish. We can have a driver with you today to provide you with an instant free, no-obligation quote.