Trying to clear out your garage can be daunting, especially if you have plenty of things you’re not sure about throwing out – or how you might dispose of what you’ve designated as ‘definitely’ garage rubbish.

What Needs Special Disposal?

When searching through your garage, you’ll find some things you put there months ago with the intention of disposing of them, but never got around to doing it. Those old paint cans or petrol tin sitting around, or even that mouldy wood or a damp mattress. You need specialised rubbish removal in Sydney.

How Do I Clean Out my Garage?

Sometimes the most challenging step in cleaning your garage is taking the day or weekend to do it. Open your garage door and take a walk-through. Bring a clipboard and make a list. Then, sort it into what is and what isn’t able to go into your household waste.

Next up, you’ll want to haul out everything you can find that can go into your household waste and make a pile to dispose of in your household waste bin.

Then you’ll need to make a pile of everything small enough to be broken into boxes that we can dispose of with your hazardous waste pick-up, which means loose glass, nails, screws, and other smaller items.

Set everything into different parts of the garage with large items upfront to be disposed of first – meaning more oversized furniture, car parts, mattresses, bedframes, cabinets and more.

Set aside and mark hazardous materials such as petroleum, diesel, paints, or oils. We’ll deal with these separately (where possible) from the rest of our large garbage collection.

On our collection day, you’ll want to make sure all the rubbish is accessible to our team. It’s part of our job to remove your items from anywhere around your house, garden or garage, but remember, the closer these items are to the truck, the more cost effective your quote will be.

Make sure you separate any broken glass into boxes and mention this to our team. Safety first!

What Can I Not Put Into Household Waste?

There are multiple types of waste that you might think is OK to throw out with the rest of your household trash – but doing so could mean that your trash is rejected from pick-up altogether. To avoid this, do not throw out hazardous waste as part of your regular weekly household pickup.

Instead, Cheapest Load of Rubbish can help you dispose of hazardous waste with our specialist rubbish removal in Sydney. But what qualifies as hazardous waste that we can remove (where possible, always make sure to double check at time of booking)?

  •       Solvent-based paints.
  •       Petroleum & motor oils
  •       Pesticides
  •       Computers & computer parts
  •       Cars and car parts
  •       Empty gas cylinders
  •       Batteries of any types
  •       Metals of any kind, size and length
  •       Unbroken Cardboard Boxes

There are also lots of other different types of waste that we can dispose of. These include:

  •       Mattresses
  •       Couches
  •       Filing Cabinets (metal or wood)
  •       Bedframes
  •       Chairs
  •       Barbecues
  •       Outdoor Furniture
  •       Broken hand tools
  •       Broken electrical tools like power drills
  •       Construction Materials (wood beams, brick, concrete, plasterboard)
  •       Push Lawnmowers
  •       Ride-on Lawnmowers
  •       Grass Trimmers

No matter what hazardous or oversized materials you have hiding in your garage, we can help with their disposal. We ask that you empty the oils or petroleum out of cars, lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, and other gardenwork equipment. Doing this will make our job safer and help keep your garage floor cleaner. You can use an old can to empty the petrol or oil and then cap it, and we’ll take it away.

How Cheapest Load of Rubbish Can Help

If you don’t want to sift through the rubbish in your garage, don’t worry! We’re on standby with the manpower to get the job done quickly and painlessly. Simply point out what’s to go and we’ll do the rest.

If you have huge items like cars and various car parts, we also offer large removal trucks to collect and take away these items. We can also take away complete bed sets and large mattresses – even King-sized ones! We also take away large furniture items like oversized cabinets – regardless of whether they are made of wood or metal.

No matter what you may discover in your garage clean-up, we can help you take care of getting rid of it. Even if you still need to prepare to clean up your garage, give us a call, and we can come and survey the state of your garage. We’ll give you some idea of what’s supposed to be disposed of by us as hazardous waste and what can go with your household waste. We can offer advice as well as our services.

Once we’re done we’ll even sweep out the garage for you!

Give Cheapest Load of Rubbish a call today to see how we can help you with your garage clean up!