Every parent remembers the joys and excitement of bringing home their first baby and the preparations that went into it. Buying things like lights, baby monitors, diapers (so, so many!)  and food. Chiefly among those items will be your baby’s cot. It’s the first thing that most children can identify as being their first bed. It might be one of the first markers of childhood independence that you can give to your child. 

Baby cots are traditionally made from wood – in the past, they were mostly made from hardwoods – though today, modern baby cots can be made from almost any type of wood. Hardwoods are obviously sturdier than some other constructions of baby cots, so these are still highly favoured among parents.

What Do I Do Now That My Baby Has Outgrown Its Cot?

Babies and toddlers will often outgrow their cots, but it can take as long as 18 to 24 months for your toddler to take that step to an actual bed. Mostly, when your baby outgrows its cot, it can almost instantly migrate to a proper bed. But the question then becomes what to do with their old cot. There are plenty of different options besides throwing out your babies’ old cot!

Re-home It

There are plenty of mothers out there who would love to take your babies’ old cot. Before you consider other options, including disposal, ask around among your friends, post it on Facebook Marketplace or other online sales group. Try re-homing it before you toss it out! 

Re-Use It

If you’d rather recycle your babies’ cot than throw it away, there are multiple ways to recycle your baby’s cot. Here are a few ideas. 

  •       Repurpose one side of the cot as a bicycle rack.
  •       Turn it right-side up and use it as a clothes or magazine rack!
  •       Rearrange different parts of it with some screws to create an arts and crafts table!
  •       Use it as a shoe rack for your heels!
  •       Turn it into a triangular A-frame play tent!
  •       Give it a top and a set of wheels and you’ve got yourself a kitchen island!

 These fun and unique ideas will help you to repurpose your baby’s old cot, rather than simply tossing it out, if you can’t find a new home for it. These ideas will also make your baby’s old cot go a lot further! 

If you have more than one child that may soon grow into the cot, you can also just take it apart and keep in the garage, basement or storage room for later use.

Recycle The Wood Professionally 

If you really aren’t that fussed about re-using it and can’t find anyone to take it off your hands, then one of the most prudent things to do is to have the wood professionally recycled. Our recycling professionals at the Cheapest Load of Rubbish, who offer rubbish removal in Sydney can come to your home and deconstruct and take away the old cot to be recycled as a purpose-built recycling centre.

What To Do With The Old Bedding?

One integral part of recycling a baby’s old cot is what you do with the old bedding afterwards. If your child has outgrown the mattress as well as the cot, you’re going to need to figure out how to deal with the mattress, and depending on the construction of your cot, the screws that hold it together. You’ll also need to dispose of the framing that holds the mattress in place. 

Both older and newer cots may be constructed with such materials that will need to be disposed of properly and can’t just be burned or deconstructed and thrown out with the regular rubbish. If your cot is constructed with treated wood, it’s generally toxic to burn and should be disposed of at a proper facility. 

If you’re considering simply throwing the materials out from the old bedding, including the mattress, you can’t just throw them to the curb. You’ll need to call in Sydney rubbish removal specialists like Cheapest Load of Rubbish. We can come to your house and properly dispose of your mattresses and other bedding parts, because they can’t just be thrown out with your traditional rubbish. 

Mattresses in general aren’t considered safe materials to repurpose due to hygienic concerns, so your only option is proper, safe disposal.

How Can Cheapest Load of Rubbish Help?

Whether you’re disposing of the sides and headboard of your cot, or the whole thing, including the bedding, our Sydney rubbish removal experts can help! We’re happy to come and help you deconstruct the cot before we take it to our recycling or disposal partners in Sydney. 

Regardless of what type of wood your baby’s old cot is made from, we can help you dispose of it. We dispose of hardwood and softwood products and wood of almost any length, as well as other construction materials like screws. We can also dispose of the mattress that your baby slept on in a safe manner. Contact Cheapest Load of Rubish today!